What should I ask before hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Do you have experience with my type of case?

It is important to find out if an attorney has extensive experience with your type of case. It isn’t just a matter of the number of years they have in practice, but do they have experience handling personal injury cases specifically. An attorney that focuses solely on personal injury is going to be more up to date on the current state of the law and value of cases like yours.

You also want to consider something a bit more specific than personal injury, for example, an eighteen-wheeler case or a workplace injury. Most lawyers that handle personal injury will handle a car accident case, but attorneys who practice personal injury exclusively, in particular, are more likely to have experience in a broader range of areas of personal injury cases beyond car accident cases. If you have a case outside of your basic car accident, you’ll want to inquire into whether that attorney has experience handling that particular type of personal injury case, be it a workplace injury, an oilfield injury, an eighteen-wheeler case, a construction accident, etc.

Do you have experience with my type of injuries?

You should also consider the type of injuries that you have suffered. If for instance, you have suffered a brain injury or burn, it is important to find an attorney that has handled that specifically. There are many advantages of having an attorney with experience with your specific injuries. An experienced attorney is more likely able to guide you in the area of medical treatment, and suggest certain types of doctors you might be able to see for your symptoms. They could also be familiar with some of the doctors that are well-respected in your particular area of injury. It is also important that your attorney has experience presenting your type of injury and that they understand what type of damages, symptoms, and effects your type of injury may have in the future.

Will you be able to give me and my case the proper amount of attention?

This is a very important question to ask. Be aware that there are attorneys that will take any case that comes in the door, or load up on hundreds of cases to play a numbers game. Their practice is based off of volume, which may be ok for some cases. However, for a lot of personal injury cases, it is important to spend a lot of time working and developing the case in order to maximize recovery for the client. The attorney needs to be watching for certain pitfalls, and ensure that treatment is being done properly. Every case has a varying degree of time that is needed, so be sure to talk to your attorney and ensure that they have enough time to devote to you and your case.

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