Spinal Cord Injury Common Causes


What are some of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries? The leading causes of this type of trauma include motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, including truckmotorcycle and car accidents, as well as falls from heights, sports-related accidents and assaults. The spinal cord may be directly affected or may be affected if the body is suddenly impacted or twists, causing damage to the nerves that comprise the spinal cord.

A spinal cord injury may be defined as damage to the spinal cord, resulting from direct trauma or indirectly when the surrounding bones, blood vessels or tissue is damaged. Depending on the extent of damage to the spinal cord, a person who sustains this type of catastrophic injury may suffer from partial or total paralysis. The extent of the body that is affected will vary based upon the location of injury along the spine. For example, a spinal cord injury suffered directly at the base of the neck may affect the entire body below the neck, whereas an injury lower on the spine may only affect the legs.

Legal Help for Victims of Spinal Cord Injuries

If a spinal cord injury was caused because another person or company was negligent or acted intentionally to cause harm, this may be grounds for a personal injury claim. If you or someone you love recently suffered from a serious spinal cord injury in an accident of any kind, talk to a lawyer at our law firm about your options. You may have the right to seek financial compensation from the person or entity responsible for these injuries, and this can make all the difference in your ability to pay for the best medical treatment, ongoing care, physical therapy and much more. You may also be able to recover money to cover lost wages and lost potential earnings if you are unable to work in the same field or cannot work at all.