Types of Recovery after a Personal Injury Accident

Last updated on: February 23, 2015


If you bring a personal injury claim most of the times you’re looking at a certain set of damages that are prescribed by law. Most people are pretty familiar with the past medical bills but there may be a need for future medical care as well. This might include some kind of long-term life care plan, future surgeries or replacement medical devices or prescriptions. But those have to be accounted for somewhere. Then you’ve also got the loss of earning capacity. More originally thought it was a lost income but this could include not just your past lost wages but also your future, inability to work or limitations on your work. Maybe you can no longer do the job that you do or that you have to do it less than you can now. So those are the certain damages that we could consider. Additionally, there may be emotional trauma. In some circumstances it is very obvious that there is a lot of emotional trauma if you have a very serious injury. Even people who go through a less significant accident still can suffer some sort of emotional trauma, maybe just fear of getting back out on the road; it can include a lot of things. There’s also pain and suffering, the pain that you go through not just now, but into the future dealing with your current symptoms. You know surgeries and those sorts of things often come with pain. Then we would look at your disfigurement. Did you have some sort of serious scarring? Were you burned, broken bones or things of that nature but also you may have scars from the surgery. Then there’s your impairment. We typically think of this as things that you could do before the accident that you can no longer do. That will include of course household chores, recreational activities, time with your family but it may also include things that you will be able to do but can’t quite do like you could. So maybe you can still help around the house but you can’t quite do as much or instead of taking an hour to vacuum the house, it takes three or four because you have to take so many breaks.