What Type of Compensation Can I Expect to Get Out of My Dallas Personal Injury Case?

When you're looking at what compensation you can expect as a result of your personal injury case, there are really five factors that you can look at.


The first thing to look at is was the defendant solely at fault, or is there some fault shared by you or someone else. If you share some of the fault, your recovery will be reduced by the percentage of fault that you bear. If there is a third party at fault, your attorney would need to look at whether or not they have the potential for recovery. For example, if you are injured on the job, but your employer has workers compensation, then you cannot recover money from your employer.

Extent of Damages

There are different types of damages. One of those types of damages is monetary, which includes your medical bills and lost wages. In most cases, the greater the amount, the greater your recovery will be.

There are also physical damages.  This would include significant pain or disfigurement, scarring, broken bones, etc. The more serious the physical injury, the greater the amount will be.

The final type of damage is mental, and there are varying degrees of this. An example of this is the mental anguish that is associated with a minor rear end collision, which may cause you to worry about the medical bills, and your ability to recover from your injuries. You may also be stressed about the amount of time all of this is taking.  This is different than the type of mental damage caused when someone suffers the loss of a family member, and the grief that they experience.


The next factor to consider is location. There are some counties where your chances of recovery are greater due to the nature of the jury in that location. Some counties tend to award more money than others. This can also be applied to the state in which the injury occurred, and whether the case will be filed in federal court vs state court. There are many factors that can come into play regarding location.


The next question is the amount of insurance the defendant has. In most circumstances, the amount of recovery is limited by the amount of insurance the defendant has.


The final factor to consider is the attorney you have hired. Do you the best, most experienced attorney? Insurance companies keep records of the attorneys they face and how much they settle cases for, how successful they may be at trial, and how well they work their cases up. Attorneys with more experience are going to get higher recoveries and better results. When looking at experience, it is important to look past the amount of time an attorney has been practicing. The question is, have they handled multiple cases similar to yours, or have they handled many personal injury cases in general.

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