Why Do I Need a Trial Lawyer for My Personal Injury Case?

It's important to have a trial lawyer to put pressure on the insurance company. The essential date for any personal injury case is the trial date. If you don’t take the trial date seriously, by having an experienced trial lawyer representing you, then you lose the leverage that you have at all the different points where you might settle your case.

If you have an attorney who is only willing to take the case so far (such as negotiating with the adjustor), the insurance company is going to sense that. This will play a role in any offer they make. But if they know you're geared for trial, they take you more seriously and you're able to increase your settlement offers before suit and during suit.  Even if you can’t settle and do need to go to trial you'll at least have an experienced lawyer who knows their way around the courtroom and knows how to advocate on your behalf.