Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help Your Case


If you are dealing with the fallout from a slip and fall, car accident, or even wrongful death of a family member, then you know exactly how stressful these situations can be.  These situations can become even more stressful if you try to add on navigating the legal process by yourself to the pile of things that need to get done.  While this situation will be new and scary to you, the experienced attorneys at the Zinda Law Group have handled similar cases to yours and know how to walk you through it step-by-step to make sure that any potential legal claim is preserved, and that you don’t do anything to damage your case.  This article will outline a few of the specific ways in which an experienced attorney can help you in the midst of a trying and difficult time.

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Experience with Similar Claims

Depending on your situation, your accident will likely be the first time that you have had to deal with the field of personal injury law in any meaningful way.  This means that everything that happens will be happening to you for the first time, and this can certainly be confusing.  In addition, it can also mean that the other parties in your lawsuit can take advantage of your lack of knowledge to pay out as little as possible.  Zinda Law Group attorneys have experience in key areas that will allow you to seek maximum compensation.

Experience Assessing Claims

First and foremost, an attorney will be able to tell you whether you have a claim that is worth pursuing.  If you are unlikely to win your case, then you can save the headache that comes from trying to win a claim that may not be worth your time and effort.

Experience with the Law

 Experience with the law is crucial to finding success in a new lawsuit.  An experienced attorney will have a working understanding of the intricacies of the relevant statutes and how similar cases have played out.  They will be able to analogize to previous cases that work in your favor and distinguish your case from previous cases that do not help your argument.

Experience with Insurance Companies

 Although insurance companies typically promote a sense of friendliness and trustworthiness, it is important to remember that they are a business and that they operate on the simple principle of taking in as much money as possible while paying out as little as possible.  Insurance adjusters are skilled in drawing you into conversations and getting you to say things that may damage your case.  An attorney will know how to communicate and negotiate with insurance companies in a way that does not hurt your potential claim.


Not only will personal injury lawyers know what to look for when conducting their investigation, but they often have access to investigative techniques that the average person doesn’t.  For example, in a car accident claim, an investigator for a personal injury law firm may use cutting-edge technology to recreate the accident to help show that you were not the person at fault.  These investigative techniques can oftentimes be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful lawsuit.

In addition, accidents typically generate mountains of paperwork and other evidence.  This includes things like medical reports, police reports, witness testimony, and video or photo evidence.  To the untrained eye, this evidence may be overwhelming.  However, an experienced investigator will know what to look for in these sources in order to bolster your claim.

We Can Take Them to Court

In a perfect world, your claim would settle very quickly and in a way that is favorable to you without ever having to step foot in a courtroom.  However, personal injury claims are often very contentious, and they don’t always settle.  If your case goes to trial, arbitration, or mediation, it is crucial that you have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.  An experienced attorney can help you in every aspect of litigation, a few of which include:

Trial Strategy

 The best trial lawyers work tirelessly before they get into the courtroom on every aspect of the trial, crafting a unified theme of the case that takes into account all of the evidence and paints your position in the best possible light.  In a trial, this would include the opening statement, questions for witnesses, and addressing and mitigating any evidence that may not work in your favor.

Rules of Evidence

Non-attorneys are often surprised to learn how complex the rules of evidence are, and how much evidence that seems relevant ends up being excluded from a case.  An experienced attorney will know how to argue for good evidence to come in, and craft carefully worded objections to prevent bad evidence from coming in. 

Local Rules

No two courthouses operate in the same exact way.  An attorney who is experienced practicing in a geographic area will be familiar with the local rules, as well as the quirks, of the local courthouse. 

We Seek Maximum Compensation

While you may know that you want maximum compensation for your injuries, unless you have experience in the personal injury field, you likely don’t know what that number is or the factors that go into calculating it.  In addition, some sources of compensation can get tricky and difficult to argue.  The attorneys at the Zinda Law Group know how to argue for maximum compensation in all areas, including:

Lost Wages

 The wages that you are unable to obtain because of an injury are compensable in a lawsuit.  While this may seem straightforward, there is a lot that goes into this calculation, including base pay, overtime, vacation time, bonuses and commission, perks, and much more.  Your attorney will know how to argue for the maximum amount of lost wages, and what proof is necessary for these arguments.

Medical Bills

Getting reimbursement for medical bills can be tricky and requires knowledge of what proof is necessary.  Your attorney will be able to work with you and your medical care providers on obtaining the paperwork necessary to ensure that you have the best shot at being compensated for your physical injuries.

Pain and Suffering

 Pain and suffering is often more difficult to prove than any other category because it cannot be readily backed up with paperwork like the other categories described.  However, this difficulty can be turned into an advantage if argued efficiently.  An experienced attorney will know how to creatively and efficiently argue for a large pain and suffering award without overreaching.

You Don’t Pay Anything if We Don’t Win

If you are considering hiring an attorney to pursue a personal injury claim, it is important to find someone who works on a contingency basis.  This is because any lawsuit involves a great deal of uncertainty.  Even the best personal injury lawyers in the world cannot say with certainty that a lawsuit will turn out one way or another.  A contingency basis means that the lawyer does not collect any fees unless a settlement or verdict is reached, at which point that will take an agreed-upon percentage of that settlement or verdict.

When lawyers are paid on a contingency basis, they share the risk with you. This gives them an incentive to work hard for you and resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible, as opposed to lawyers who are on an hourly basis, who have an incentive to drag your claim out for as long as possible.  The attorneys at the Zinda Law Group work on a contingency basis—you don’t owe us anything unless we reach a favorable result in your case

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The legal process is long and difficult and full of unexpected snares for those who are unsure of what they are doing.  While it may seem to you like your case has an obvious outcome of you walking away with a large settlement, things are never that easy.  From gathering evidence to communicating with insurance companies to preparing for trial, there are a lot of areas in which to make a misstep and damage your claim.          

Zinda Law Group Can Handle the Complexities of Your Case

The attorneys at the Zinda Law Group have the experience necessary to guide you through the process.  First, they can advise you on whether your claim is worth pursuing and save the headache of chasing compensation that may not exist.  Next, they can help you gather evidence that may not be available to you and communicate with opposing parties in order to negotiate a favorable settlement.  Finally, they will zealously advocate for you if your case gets to the trial stage—and will do all of this without charging you anything if they don’t win your case.  Call (512) 246 2224 today for a free consultation regarding your personal injury claim.

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