Saving Money in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Last updated on: June 3, 2013

Saving Money in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

One aspect that often gets overlooked in the decision of which Personal Injury Attorney to retain is how wisely your attorney spends money in investigating and litigating your claim. The smart Personal Injury Attorney knows that one must strike a careful balance.

On the one hand, an attorney that racks up lots of unnecessary expenses is certainly doing you no favors. Most personal injury victims are surprised to learn that the case costs can vary from lawyer to lawyer by thousands of dollars for essentially the same work. For example, a Personal Injury Attorney could sometimes use unnecessary outside services to track down investigation items, when he or she could just as easily get the items himself or herself. That attorney is certainly doing you no favors; after all, remember that ultimately those case expenses will be reimbursed out of your settlement proceeds.

On the other hand, a smart Personal Injury Attorney also knows that sometimes you have to spend money to get the best results. For example, if your attorney is afraid to file your lawsuit because of the filing fees, even though pre-suit settlement negotiations are going nowhere, then the insurance company will never take your claim seriously. A smart Personal Injury Attorney knows which case costs move the claim forward, and when the right time to incur them is.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys are experienced in knowing which case costs are important, and whether they are a good idea in your particular case. They understand and respect the fact that your Personal Injury claim belongs to you, and will only incur costs if it helps your claim. If you have specific questions about case costs in your Personal Injury claim, we would be happy to speak with you.