Should I Wait to See a Doctor Until I Hire an Attorney?

Last updated on: June 10, 2013

Should I Wait to See a Doctor Until I Hire an Attorney?

For many personal injury victims I speak with, a common question is, “Should I meet with you in person before I see a doctor?” Often times, this is because accident victims want to make sure they’re taking the right steps or visiting the right type of doctor. For others who have no health insurance, they have questions about how they will pay for their medical treatment.

Many are surprised to hear that the answer is an emphatic “no,” for several reasons. First, when you are injured through an accident or someone else’s negligence, your first and foremost concern must be for your own physical well-being. While it’s important to move quickly to secure your claim, that takes a second seat to your health. Second, people who wait to see a doctor before consulting with an attorney fall victim to a common insurance company trap. No matter how good your intentions may have been in waiting to get medical treatment, insurance adjusters will argue that the fact you waited to see a doctor proves that you were not actually injured, and that, in fact, the attorney you met with set up the visit and is “orchestrating” the whole claim to make it seem better than it actually is.

While most Personal Injury attorneys are not doctors, and did not go to medical school, they may still have suggestions about what kind of doctors you can see for a specific injury. They may also have suggestions for those without health insurance about how to receive necessary medical treatment. However, you should not wait for an appointment with an attorney to get needed medical treatment. Take care of your health first, and let your attorney take care of the rest.

If you have questions about medical treatment, call our office to speak with a Personal Injury attorney.