Tanker Truck Accident

Last updated on: February 6, 2012


Every year, thousands of serious accidents occur involving tanker trucks. This has become one of the leading causes of death and injury on America’s highways. Tanker trucks often carry extremely dangerous liquids that can lead to huge fires and violent explosions.


Every day in Texas, hazardous materials are transported throughout our cities and towns. Though the drivers of these trucks are required to receive special training and take extra precautions, accidents do still happen. We’ve all seen those horrendous reports on the news where tankers filled with flammable liquids have exploded and sent dozens to the hospital.


Communities must quickly dispatch hazardous material teams to deal with spills from tanker trucks. Another significant factor is the excessive weight of a tanker truck. Fully loaded, they can weigh thousands of pounds and become a lethal weapon on our streets and highways. Rollovers and jackknife accidents are common with tanker trucks.


Though tankers do have increased insurance requirements, as well as other safety regulations, serious accidents occur each year. Just one accident involving a tanker truck can kill or injure dozens of people.


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