Top 9 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Last updated on: March 9, 2015


Finding and hiring a personal injury attorney can be overwhelming, especially if you have just been injured or experienced the loss of a loved one.  However, when meeting with a prospective Fort Worth injury attorney, it is important to ask the right questions so you know you are getting the best possible representation.

At the outset of your initial meeting with a potential attorney, inquire about their experience with your specific type of case.  Ask how long they have been working in that particular practice area, ask for examples of similar cases they have handled, and inquire about the outcomes of those cases.  If the attorney has experience, you will want to ensure he or she is going to aggressively pursue your case.  Find out how long it typically takes them to resolve a case and how quickly they go to trial if the need arises.  In relation to this, make sure this particular Fort Worth injury attorney has the capacity to take on your case.  Attorneys are generally very busy, so ask questions about their caseload and how often they expect to work on your case in a typical week.

Once you’ve established the attorney has the experience and ability to take on your case, ask questions about fees and expenses.  Odds are you did not anticipate needing a personal injury attorney, so paying an hourly fee might be difficult.  Most personal injury attorneys offer to work on a contingency fee.  If yours does, ask how much that fee is.  Standard fees are 33% for pre-litigation, 40% for litigation, and 45% for appeals.  Contingency fees often do not include case expenses.  Ask your attorney if case expenses are deducted separately from his or her fee.  Also find out whether or not you are responsible for case expenses if the attorney loses your case at trial.

Not all attorneys in a law firm are trial attorneys.  If the personal injury firm you are considering employs a lot of attorneys, it is likely they have litigation specialists on staff.  Find out who those people are and ask about their experience and track records.  You should also inquire as to how frequently you can expect to be updated on the status of your case.  The answer may be different if your case is in pre-litigation or litigation as the pace in litigation tends to be slower.  Along those lines, find out what you need to do to speak with the attorney handling your case.  Some attorneys may have you contact them directly while others may require you to make an appointment prior to speaking with an attorney.

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