The Dangers of Truck Drivers Driving Too Many Hours


Truck driver's time behind the wheel particularly is regulated very strictly. There's a limited number of hours that they're allowed to drive per week, per day. Much like any other driver on the road, they're subject to exhaustion, and it's not uncommon for us to find that a commercial trucking company is forcing his drivers to drive excessive hours, and we often find that that results on an accident. Driving

a commercial truck could even be said to be more mentally draining than driving a regular vehicle, and so it's even more important that they follow reasonable restrictions on how many hours they're behind the wheel, and because it's a believe that that's important. There are laws that limit how much time they can spend and the amount of rest that they're supposed to have. An experienced attorney can get the logs that they have and make sure that they've been following those guidelines, and keeping their logs correctly too, or seeing if they're trying to hide their hours they're actually working.