What to Do if Injured in an 18-Wheeler or Semi-Truck Accident Crash in San Antonio

The first thing you san antonio 18 wheeler accidentalways want to do if you're involved in an 18-wheeler or semi-truck crash in San Antonio, Texas is make sure that you and your family, or other occupants of your vehicle are safe. You should immediately call 911 and request an ambulance respond to the scene.

If you are physically capable, you should get the driver's and his employer's or trucking company's information. You will also want to get a copy of his license, registration, and insurance.

You should also talk with witnesses of the crash, get their contact information, and take photographs and videos of the property damage and the crash scene. Most cellular phones, these days, have cameras and video cameras, and those should be utilized if you're physically capable of getting evidence of the scene.

If you think you've suffered any type of injury, you should always get medical attention. That includes taking the ambulance to the emergency room, so that any serious injuries can be treated, or ruled out.

You should not waste any time in contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer in San Antonio. Trucking companies and their insurance companies typically respond to the scene immediately, and evidence has a tendency to disappear.

If you contact an attorney right away, the attorney can get out to the scene and make sure that evidence is not spoiled. You should never talk to the insurance company without advice of counsel. In fact, you should avoid speaking to an insurance company at all before you talk to an attorney and get a consultation on your case.

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