What Happens Once I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Last updated on: February 8, 2013


Our personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group advocate on your behalf in order to make sure that injured parties are ‘made whole’ for what they’ve went through. In many instances, our aggressive and thorough investigation combined with our knowledge about the current law and jury tendencies allow us to settle a client’s case before filing a lawsuit.

However, if the responsible party refuses to settle for the full value of our clients’ claims, the next step is usually filing a lawsuit. There’s a multitude of ways to handle a case in litigation, but our personal injury clients like to know what to expect if a lawsuit is filed.

The first thing that is necessary in order to begin the lawsuit process is filing a petition with the Court, and awaiting an Answer to that petition from the Defendant(s). From this point forward, our attorneys will employ different strategies in every case in order to maximize our client’s recovery.

Our attorneys at Zinda Law Group feel that setting a trial date once we file the lawsuit is extremely important, and it assists us in creating deadlines for other matters that need to be taken care of before cases go to trial. While in reality not every case goes to trial, attorneys at Zinda Law Group feel it’s absolutely necessary to treat every case like it will go to trial so that other parties taken our clients’ claims seriously.

Between when the lawsuit is filed and a potential jury trial, you can usually expect written discovery, depositions, and mediation to take place. Written discovery involves questions from one party to another usually asking for basic facts, information, and documentation. Depositions occur under oath, and a court reporter usually transcribes the testimony while each attorney gets to ask questions. Witnesses, parties, and representatives of businesses are just a few examples of who can be deposed in a case. Additionally, before trial many cases go to mediation. Mediation occurs when a neutral third-party attorney gets all parties together and tries to help the different sides come to an agreement before going to trial.

If you have questions about the litigation process or what to expect after suffering an injury, please call a personal injury attorney at Zinda Law Group for a free consultation.