What if My Car Wasn’t Damaged but I am Injured?

Last updated on: August 5, 2013

What if My Car Wasn’t Damaged but I am Injured?

After a wreck, people oftentimes have significant injuries that didn’t exist prior to the incident. However, they are pleasantly surprised when they look at their vehicle and see minimal damage.

In a personal injury claim, insurance companies are oftentimes looking for any reason to deny or delay your claim. One simple way for them to argue against paying for the damage they’ve caused is by using the lack of property damage on your vehicle against your bodily injury claim.

But, there are several studies that indicate the lack of correlation between property damage and injuries to passengers in the vehicle. Don’t allow the car insurance companies lead you to believe that their insured’s aren’t responsible for making you completely whole for the damages you’ve sustained just because your car wasn’t totaled.

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