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How to Find the Best Wrongful Death Attorney for Your Case

Wrongful death claims are extremely complex and require an attorney with extensive experience handling death cases. Look for an attorney who specializes in wrongful death cases and the type of accident in which the death occurred. For example, if your loved one died in an 18-wheeler accident, you need an attorney who handles wrongful death and 18-wheeler cases.

Aside from experience, you want an attorney with a proven track record. Handling wrongful death cases is one thing, but winning them is another. Ask your attorney for examples of wrongful death verdicts or settlements they have attained in the past. While an attorney should be able to set general expectations for the recovery in your case, it is important to remember each case is different. Be wary of an attorney who promises a certain level of recovery in your case.

Once you have found an attorney you like, check out their reputation in the legal community. You can look up any attorney on the State Bar website. The State Bar provides information regarding grievances filed against the attorney as well as sanctions the attorney has received. Another resource is Avvo, an attorney rating service. Avvo provides an objective rating of the attorney, client and peer reviews, and cost information.

If you decide to move forward to an initial meeting with an attorney, make sure they have a straight forward and honest approach. Wrongful death claims can take a long time to resolve, so make sure the office staff is friendly, helpful, and attentive to your needs. While lawyers are keep their clients reasonably informed about the status of the case and promptly comply with reasonable requests for information, this does not always happen. Ask your lawyer how often they contact their clients and what the procedure is for scheduling a meeting or phone call with the lawyer. Lawyers tend to be very busy, but you want to find a lawyer who is going to make your needs a priority.