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How to Know if You Have a Wrongful Death Case

How to Know if You Have a Wrongful Death Case

For people in and around Fort Worth who have lost a loved on to an accident, it's time to consider whether you might have a case. No one likes to think about complicated legal problems when they are grieving, and this is why a good lawyer is very important during this time. Good attorneys like those at Zinda Law Group help clients determine whether they can get compensation when their loved one is killed by the fault of another. A long-standing legal principle allows family members to recover money when another person's negligence costs them, and you have to understand the fundamentals of this claim before moving forward.

Are You a Close Family Member?
The first question worth asking is about you. Not just any person can bring a wrongful death case when someone is killed by negligence. You have to be an immediate family member in order to have a case. If your spouse, child, parent, or maybe sibling was killed, then you could file a lawsuit for wrongful death. If you fall outside of this group, then a family member will have to make the claim.

Was the Person Killed by the Negligence of Another?
Wrongful death lawsuits are much like other personal injury lawsuits in a few critical ways. In a normal personal injury case, you're forced to prove that your injuries were caused through the negligence of another party. The same is true in wrongful death cases, with the critical difference being the outcome. You have to prove that some other party acted unreasonably. In the course of that unreasonableness, your loved one died. If you have enough facts to get started on this, then you might have a good case.

Evidence is Important
Any good lawyer will tell you that just suspecting something will not be enough to prove your case. You also need to have some evidence to present in court. This does not mean, however, that you need a video of the accident or some smoking gun linking the negligent party to the accident. There are many forms of evidence that could eventually convince a jury to adopt your theory of the case. You need to have more than just an idea of what happened. Your lawyer will need your help in uncovering something tangible.

You've Suffered Damages
This is generally the easiest part of the requirements for people to satisfy. It's implied that you have some damages when a loved one is killed in an accident. The hard part if figuring out how much you've been damaged, if the loved one was the primary earner in your family, then you stand to receive a larger judgment.

How a Lawyer Can Help
The attorneys at Zinda Law Group help people like you when you're facing one of these difficult situations. They can help you understand the next steps, and they can assist you in collecting evidence. Perhaps most importantly, they can file the lawsuit in the proper court and pursue your claim with zeal and skill.