British Man Finds Dead Mouse in Loaf of Bread

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41 year old Stephen Forse was unhappily surprised when he found the body of a dead mouse at the bottom of his loaf of bread. He had been making sandwiches for his family when he made the discovery.

The bread was from the brand Hovis Best of Both, which he bought at a Tesco grocery. Unfortunately, Forse and his family had already eaten some of the bread before they realized what was in it. Neither Forse nor his four children became sick from eating the contaminated bread, but they were told that the tail of the mouse was missing. Forse wonders if he and his family ate the tail.

Premier Foods, which ironically makes Hovis Best of Both, had to pay a $30,000 fine for unacceptable health and safety standards. A spokesperson for the company profusely apologized to the family.

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