Broken Street Lights may have Contributed to Car Accident

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Broken streetlights may be to blame for the car accident that took the life of one and seriously injured another.

Officers in East Dallas were alerted to the inoperative streetlights around 6 PM by passing motorists. However, since the one technician on call had four other jobs, no one was sent to the area of Ferguson and Joaquin Roads. Around two hours later, another call was placed to the police department, this time for a car accident.

News sources say a 34-year-old male was driving through the intersection when a pickup truck entered at the same time. The truck broadsided the motorist, causing the vehicle to go into a tailspin, after which it hit a pole. The impact was so great as to push a door post into the driver, causing a torn aorta and a broken hip. The car’s passenger, a 38-year-old female, was assessed at the scene as having sustained life-threatening injuries.

The second driver fled the scene of the collision and is still wanted by police. The only description the police have right now is that the vehicle is white or gray and has a black grill.

Just one hour after being rushed to an area hospital, police learned that the passenger had lost her life.

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