Burn Injury Victim has Successful Face Transplant

A man that experienced burn injuries all over his face can once again feel his daughter's kisses. News sources say that he is the first patient to have ever successfully received a full face transplant. D.W. of Texas underwent the surgery earlier this month and so far it seems to have been a success. He claims to have even more sensation in his face than he had anticipated. In 2008 D.W. was working on a cherrypicker when his head brushed a high-voltage power line. He received burns all over his face and was blinded as well.

Now that the surgery has been completed, he claims to have more confidence about leaving his home and doing activities without embarrassment. His doctors report that with each follow up visit, D.W. shows continued improvement in facial sensations and healing. If you have sustained burn injuries or another type of serious injury as the result of another person's negligence, contact Zinda Law Group now to schedule your case evaluation with a Dallas personal injury lawyer that can review your case and tell you a little more about your legal options.