Burn Victim, First American Full Face Transplant

Last week a team of surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and residents at Brigham and Women's Hospital, totalling more than 30 people, performed 15 hours of work to complete a full facial transplant on a man from Fort Worth who suffered catastrophic burn injuries in an electrical accident in 2008.

Dallas Weins, 25, was working on a cherry-picker when it maneuvered into a live wire, electrocuting him, which resulted in severe burns to his face, destroying all of his facial features with the exception of a small portion of his chin. The accident caused the loss of his sight as well as severe facial damage and disfigurement, some of which the surgeons hoped to partially repair. According to a statement released from Brigham, the surgery replaced his "nose, lips, facial skin, muscles of facial animation and the nerves that power them and provide sensation."

While this cutting-edge operation was performed for free by Brigham, the costs of the associated medical expenses with any serious injury can be enormous, and too much to bear for even those with higher than average incomes. There are some cases in which a negligent or careless company or a malfunctioning product may have caused a serious injury. In these types of cases, the victim or the family of the victim may be able to fight for monetary compensation for the injuries and expenses that they will face.

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