Bus Accident Victim Awarded Damages by Jury

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After being injured in a bus accident over three years ago, a young woman is finally going to receive the money she needs to pay off medical bills. Doctors predict that she will need several more surgeries to repair the damages caused by the horrible accident.

The 24-year-old woman was traveling on a bus cross-country when it flipped over. An investigation of the accident revealed that the bus driver was talking on a cell phone when he saw an accident in front of him on the roadway. He braked the bus improperly, causing it to overturn on the icy roadway. The young woman, along with several others, was seriously injured in the wreck.

Along with her lawyers, the woman successfully argued for a personal injury case against the driver and the company that employed him. She was awarded $7.2 million by a jury in Dallas: $2.2 million for damages and $4.8 million for punitive damages.

If you were injured during a bus accident in Texas, take the time to contact a Dallas bus accident attorney from our law office immediately. By working with a Dallas personal injury lawyer, you can seek compensation for the suffering you have endured.