Personal Injury Lawyers in Caldwell County, Texas

Last updated on: October 30, 2012


Located in the Austin-Round Rock area, Caldwell County has a population over 38,442. A signer of the Texas declaration, Caldwell County has a rich history. With Caldwell County made up of more than 10,816 households, 37% of which have children under the age of 18 and 56% composed of married couples- Caldwell County is a secure, welcoming place. Composed of communities such as Dale, Lockhart, Luling, Martindale, Niederwald, Uhland, Maxwell, Caldwell County encompasses 545 square miles. Caldwell County possesses tall grasses and mesquite plants, with the northwest section of the county a part of the blackland prairie region. Other parts of the county are more hilly with oak and elm trees. In the Guadalupe River Basin, the county is frequented by creatures such as bobcats, deer, foxes, turkeys, squirrels and other animals. With mineral resources such as oil, Caldwell County is a valuable resource to the state of Texas. Once inhabited by several Indian tribes, Caldwell County, named after a Texas Declaration of Independence signer, grew rapidly between 1850 and 1860. Livestock was once an integral part of the county. In the late 1800s, Caldwell County produced a lot of corn, wheat and cotton. To this day, Caldwell County is known for its appreciation of nature- with many opportunities for hunting, fishing and boating, botanic gardens and 263 acres that comprise the Lockhart State Park.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Caldwell County, Texas


If you are a Caldwell County resident who was recently injured by the negligence of a third party, Zinda Law Group is a personal injury firm you can turn to for representation. The BBB accredited firm, and member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, specializes in a variety of cases which include animal attacks, boat accidents, child abuse, workplace injury, car accidents, nursing home abuse, pedestrian accidents and product liability. When you have been injured in an accident, the last thing you need to do is focus on anything other than recovery. Trying to handle a personal injury case on your own can just heap further stress and anxiety on top of you. Securing a qualified personal injury attorney on your side however is an important decision because he/she can help you: fight for compensation for lost wages, medical bills, bodily injury and pain and suffering and for your spouse’s loss of consortium. He/she can help you complete an accident investigation, obtain evidence, and provide invaluable counsel that will hopefully guide you to a satisfactory settlement. Even minor injuries can turn into major ones- and if another party was responsible, they should be held responsible for their careless actions. When you do not secure qualified legal assistance on your side- it is easy to be taken advantage of by your own or another person’s insurance company, be overlooked by the legal system or to not get the maximum compensation you deserve. Damages can often be difficult to identify and value and laws can seem confusing and overwhelming. The less prepared you are and the less you understand- the more likely that your case will not render a successful outcome. When your future and happiness are on the line- don’t take chances!

Why Zinda Law Group is a Firm You Can Trust

Besides receiving many accolades and possessing glowing qualifications- Zinda Law Group is also a trust-worthy firm built on a hard work ethic and a genuine desire to do what is best for its clients. The firm follows a self-imposed list of principles whenever they take on any case, which commits to “fighting for a client’s legal rights, returning phone calls in a timely manner, staying updated on the progress of a case, maintaining honest interaction, explaining all options and consequences, provide zealous representation to each client, follow the Texas Lawyer’s Creed, and treat every client with compassion and respect.” In the aftermath of an accident- you want a reputable firm with integrity to represent you and that is the kind of corporation that Zinda Law Group is. Contact the firm today to speak with one of our Caldwell County Personal Injury Lawyers and receive the quality legal services you are looking for!

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