What Questions Should I Ask When Looking for a Car Accident Lawyer?


For many people, the jarring event of being involved in a motor vehicle collision is a first.  When you’re injured in that collision, it only adds to the stress and uncertainty of what steps to take next.  Consulting with a personal injury attorney to explore representation is one of the best ways to get help navigating this process, but there are definitely questions to make sure you ask before deciding to move forward with representation. 

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What kind of experience do you have with cases like mine? 

It is common for many smaller law firms or solo practitioners that practice anything from family law, to criminal law, and to estate planning, to hold themselves out to handle personal injury cases and motor vehicle collision cases.  These “jack of all trade” firms can be beneficial when you need legal advice for a number of different issues, but when it comes to a car wreck, you want someone who is familiar with how insurance companies work and the common tactics they deploy to try and save money. 

While firms and attorneys that practice multiple areas of law might be able to handle your case and get you a satisfactory outcome, firms that solely practice personal injury and handle motor vehicle collisions may be able to better advise you on how to move forward since this is all they do.  Firms that, day in and day out, deal with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, defense counsel, and people like you who have been involved in a collision have the experience to move your case forward efficiently and effectively.

At Zinda Law Group, we are a plaintiff’s personal injury firm, meaning we only handle cases in which someone has been injured through the fault of another.  Many of our cases are motor vehicle collisions where our client was injured as the result of someone else’s negligence.  It is rare for us to come across a situation related to a motor vehicle collision that someone in our firm hasn’t already dealt with or experienced.  As a result, we are in an ideal position to represent and advise individuals who have been involved and injured in a motor vehicle collision.   

What additional services do you have that can be beneficial to my case?


When people think of hiring an attorney for an automobile accident, many times they don’t think about the other services that might also be available to their case when they hire a certain law firm.  For example, in hit and run situations or collisions caused by a drunk driver, there might be a fair amount of investigation that needs to be done in order to identify the at-fault party or obtain all the public records generated by police departments and police officers, such as the crash report, body cam footage, dashcam footage, 911 audio, call sheets and logs, and probable cause affidavits.  Even in motor vehicle collisions where you know the at-fault party or think you have all the relevant information, a deeper investigation may reveal important facts that may help your case.

Information obtained through investigations is vital to a motor vehicle collision case, providing important evidence on the cause of the collision and the actions of the at-fault driver.  Without this information, you have an incomplete picture of how the collision happened.  While a lot of information is public record, it can be difficult for individuals to obtain since there are specific forms that must be submitted to a specific department or office of the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Additionally, there is a lot of information that is available only through access to certain databases and search engines, which many individuals aren’t even aware of. 

Many law firms leave these investigative tasks to their attorneys and paralegals to handle for each of their cases.  At Zinda Law Group, we have an investigations department with three full-time investigators whose sole job it is to collect the information needed for our clients’ cases.  These investigators are trained to obtain public records and have access to databases that are not accessible by the public.  Our investigations department greatly benefits our clients’ cases and levels the playing field between them and the large insurance companies and defense firms that undoubtedly have in-house investigation departments.  

Medical Records

Every personal injury case has at least one thing in common: someone was injured.  From minor injuries to more serious ones such as brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, medical treatment is sought and medical bills and expenses are incurred.  In order to present these claims to an insurance company, it is necessary to obtain these medical records and bills from the providers the client saw.  In order to make sure these medical records and bills are in an appropriate form (both to be admitted as evidence in a legal proceeding and accepted by the insurance companies), these bills and records must be ordered with certain requirements. 

Again, many law firms have their attorneys or paralegals order the medical records and bills associated with the client’s case.  Unfortunately, many providers can take a long time to process the requests or the request gets lost in the pile of hundreds of other requests their records department might be dealing with.  This requires a great deal of time and effort in keeping track of outstanding requests and following up with those providers for status updates on the requests.  Many attorneys and paralegals, who are also responsible for dealing with all other aspects of cases, can lose track of these outstanding requests or don’t have the time to follow up, resulting in a slowdown in the progression of the case. 

At Zinda Law Group, we have a medical records department with four full time employees whose job it is to order medical records and bills, track the order progression, and follow up with providers whose requests have remained outstanding for over 30 days.   By having a department solely dedicated to ordering and obtaining our clients’ medical records and bills, our attorneys may focus on other aspects of the case and help the case progress more efficiently towards resolution.  

How do you communicate with your clients?

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision, it is normal and expected for them to have many questions about the process and how to move forward.  One of the most common issues to arise between clients and their attorneys is the feeling of a lack of communication and accessibility.  At Zinda Law Group, we recognize that communication and accessibility with our clients is vitally important.  We have taken steps to make sure that our client’s questions and communications don’t get lost in the shuffle. 

Upon signing with our firm, each of our clients is given a unique email address and is instructed to send any questions or information about their case to that email.  When a client sends an email to their unique client address, it is sent out to every attorney and paralegal working on their case.  This ensures that the client’s communication is seen by everyone on their team and any questions can be addressed quickly by a number of people.   This also allows every team member to remain updated on the client’s case and know what’s going on as the case progresses.  Zinda Law Group also has a policy to return client calls within one business day and make sure we’ve talked to our clients at least once every 25 days to check in and provide any updates on their case. 

When you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision, you have one opportunity to present your claim to the insurance company.  It’s important to make sure you have the right person in your corner advocating for you, your health, and your rights.  By asking the right questions, you can make sure you find the right attorney and law firm to represent you during that difficult time.


At Zinda Law Group, our experienced car accident attorneys have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you build the strongest case possible and to seek the compensation you may be entitled to.

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