Crashworthiness and Vehicle Roll Over Lawyers

Modern day passenger vehicles are designed to protect drivers and passengers in the event of a car wreck, which is sometimes referred to as a vehicle’s crashworthiness. Crashworthiness focuses on the protection of occupants of a vehicle to reduce the number of fatal and serious injuries that occur in car wrecks. But sometimes vehicles are either designed or manufactured in such a way that a particular make and model fails to meet minimum crashworthiness standards.

Vehicle Design or Manufacturing Defects Can Lead to Increased Injury

When your vehicle is involved in a car wreck, especially at high speeds, it is vital that every safety feature works as intended. If you are an occupant of a vehicle in a car wreck that is either defectively designed or manufactured, your injuries could be made significantly worse than they otherwise would have been. The failure of a vehicle to meet minimum crashworthiness, including by being prone to rolling over during a car wreck, failing to incorporate adequate safety features, or having insufficient crush protection, can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death.

Our Attorneys Can Investigate Your Accident

These devastating car wrecks are already traumatic enough for the injured occupants of the vehicle without having to determine the underlying cause of the wreck. Knowing whether a defect in the design or manufacture of your vehicle caused or contributed to your injuries is critical, and this vital fact may never be discovered if the right attorneys aren’t involved to properly investigate your case. Understanding this difference can mean the difference between being fairly compensated for your injuries or not.

Our Crashworthiness & Roll Over Lawyers Can Help

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