Carrollton Animal and Dog Bite Lawyers

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Experiencing a bite from an animal such as a dog is harmful enough, but what if that bite were to cause you to go to the hospital to receive numerous treatments, taking you out of work for several days or weeks? If you have experienced this problem, then you can consult an attorney to see what your options are. There are different types of bites that result in various injuries, and it is important to take pictures as well as document how the bite occurred and where it happened.

Dog Related Injuries

The most common type of bite is from a dog. Some would say that there are certain kinds of dogs that bite more than others, but this is not true. Any dog can bite someone if the dog does not know that person or if the person is taunting the dog. The injury could occur in one of two ways, and the way that the bite happens can play a role in how the court case is handled.

If the owner of a dog lets the animal run loos in the yard and does not train the dog not to bite those who enter the yard, then the owner of the pet could be held responsible for the bite. This is especially true if the victim is a small child. However, if the owner has the dog on a leash and the dog is laying down when someone approaches the animal, then the owner might not be responsible. The person entering the yard would have to do something like hit the dog in order for the bite to occur before the owner is not held responsible. It is helpful if the owner of the pet has documentation from a veterinarian or trainer that states the dog is not violent and that the dog has been trained to obey orders.

Cat Related Injuries

Although cats don’t usually bite very hard, they can carry rabies. Rabies is a disease that can be deadly if not treated. If you suspect the cat has rabies, then the owner of the pet could have to pay for any medical treatment.

If you have any questions about whether an attorney can help you with compensation from an animal bite, then contact the attorney as soon as possible after the incident occurs. Provide any paperwork from the doctor as well as any pictures that were taken of the bite and the animal.