Drug Injury

Drug Injury Lawyer in Carrollton

Drug related injuries are a severe problem in every state in the United States, including Texas. Every year, approximately 40,000 people die because of drugs. Additionally, about 12,000 people who are involved in fatal automobile accidents have had drugs in their system. Drugs either can directly or indirectly affect a Carrollton resident, and they can cause a personal injury. A personal injury attorney can review the case and represent someone who has been harmed. The following are examples of some of the drug related injuries for which a court official may award a person a settlement:

Prescription Drugs and Product Liability
The manufacturer of any type of drug is supposed to notify consumers and medical experts of the potential dangers of the product. The manufacturer should print information such as adverse reaction warnings, illness warnings, and harmful ingredients somewhere on the container or a product pamphlet. If a company fails to notify consumers of the potential problems, and one of them dies or develops an illness, someone may qualify to sue the manufacturer.

Drug Injuries in Carrollton TX and Medical Malpractice
People in the medical field must have knowledge of drug interactions and possible side effects when they prescribe medications for patients. A doctor must always perform his or her work in the best interest of the patient. If a patient becomes ill or dies due to the reaction from a prescribed medication, the doctor may be liable for personal injury. Family members of people who die from prescription drugs may also be eligible for compensation. The attorney would record the details of the case to gauge its viability with the courts. In some cases, an injured party may try to sue a physician who was negligent in providing him or her with details about the drug.

Drug Related Automobile Injuries
Since a personal injury involves negligence, automobile accidents are most susceptible to such cases. Drivers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of other people on the road. Certain medications specifically have warnings printed about driving after ingesting them. If a driver chooses to ignore the warning and operate a vehicle, he or she may have to pay damages for an accident.

The same rule applies to automobile accidents that involve illegal drugs. Different types of drugs slow the driver’s reaction time and weaken the person’s judgment. Driving under the influence of drugs is a crime that has some very stiff sentences. In addition to the court mandated sentences for DUI, the high driver in an automobile accident might have to pay compensatory and punitive damages to an injured person.

Compensation for Drug Injuries in Carrollton TX
Anyone who is hurt in an accident involving drugs can contact an attorney to review the case. Zinda Law Group can definitely help. The firm has been assisting in getting consumers settlements for drug related injuries for years. An interested party can complete on online form or call the number 1-800-863-5312 to schedule a consultation.