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Last updated on: July 16, 2014

Case Results


The lawyers of Zinda Law Group PLLC’s aggressive representation, experience and thorough preparation of all cases has enabled our lawyers to achieve an outstanding record of success. We are proud of the verdicts and settlements that we have achieved for our deserving clients. The following is a sample of some of the results the attorneys of Zinda Law Group PLLC have helped obtain on behalf of our clients.


Where are the amounts? We leave out the amount of our settlements because we believe it can be misleading.  Every case is different and it is impossible to base your recovery on someone else’s. Only after a thorough investigation can an attorney even begin to give you an idea of what you may be entitled to under the law.


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Wrongful Death

Father of Three Killed by Negligent Driver
A driver negligently drove across the middle line early one morning killing another driver and severely injuring the passenger. Jack Zinda’s client recovered the maximum amount available from the insurance of the responsible party and their own insurance.


Dog Bite

Justice for Victim of Vicious Pit Bull Attack
A client was viciously attacked by a pit bull that was allowed to roam throughout the neighborhood of the dog’s owner. The client suffered a scar on their leg several inches long. Jack Zinda was able to show the dog had previously attacked other people. Jack Zinda successfully held the dog owner liable and was able to recover on behalf of his client.


Auto Product Liability (Roof Crush)

Paralysis – General Motors Settlement
A mother was left paralyzed after a car accident in a General Motors vehicle. After hiring world-class experts, Zinda Law Group discovered that the vehicle was defective and that had led to the injuries. After filing suit General Motors reached a defective design in a vehicle made by General Motors.


Car Accident

Family Seriously Injured – Policy Limits Settlement
A family was catastrophically injured in a two car collision. Zinda Law Group was able to collect the entirety of the liability insurance policy and uninsured motorist policy. This allowed the family to get the entirety of the medical bills paid.


Motorcycle Accident

Injured Motorcycle Crash Victim Receives Settlement
A young man was driving his motorcycle when a negligent driver made an illegal left turn throwing the young man from his motorcycle. The force of the impact broke the young man’s leg and tore the muscle and skin from the middle finger of his left hand, causing what is known as a ‘degloving’ injury. Jack Zinda’s client recovered the maximum amount available from the insurance of the responsible party.



Deceptive Builder Held Accountable 
A construction company built a defective building. The client discovered the severe defects and when they pointed them out to the builder they refused to fix the problem they created. Jack Zinda successfully represented the family and was able to reach a settlement with the builder for the problems they created.


Pedestrian Car Accident

UT Student’s Case Settles for Policy Limits
Jack Zinda Represented a student at the University of Texas at Austin, who was struck when crossing a crosswalk one day on the way back to her apartment. Despite the insurance company initially denying liability, after Zinda Law Group conducted their investigation they were able to get the insurance company to tender their insurance policy limits.


Business Litigation

Real Estate Developer Breaches Agreement
A real estate developer violated the agreement it signed with one of its home builders. The home builder had been turned down by several law firms. Zinda Law Group PLLC represented the home builder on a contingency basis and was able to reach a settlement with the developer in less than 6 months.


Sexual Discrimination

Sexual Discrimination Suit Ends in Compensation for Worker
A female employee was forced to endure months of sexual discrimination by their supervisor and co-workers. Jack Zinda successfully held the employer accountable. The employee recovered compensation for the lost wages, mental anguish and attorney’s fees she incurred as a result of the employer’s behavior.


Business Litigation

Former Executive Receives Compensation after Breach of Contract
An executive was illegally fired and compensation was withheld despite the fact that it had been already been earned by the employee. The employee’s case had been rejected by several law firms before they found Zinda Law Group PLLC. Our firm took the case on a contingency fee and was able to recover the full amount of the employee’s compensation plus attorney’s fees.


If you would like more examples please contact us and we would be happy to provide them to you.

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