Dog Bites Young Girl in the Face

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An otherwise friendly dog surprised everyone when it bit a young girl in the face.

Animal control officers were called to a home last Sunday afternoon when a yellow lab attacked the 6-year-old girl. She was reported to have been playing out in the yard when the dog bite incident happened. Luckily, it was witnessed by several family members who called 911 immediately. Following the attack, the dog was taken into custody to be observed.

If the dog has its rabies shots and performs well during the ten days of observation, it may be released back to its owner. However, it is ultimately up to the agents with the animal control department whether the dog will be euthanized or not.

Dog bites can lead not only to physical wounds, but also emotional trauma that is hard to overcome. If you or someone you care for has been bitten by a dog and you feel dog owner negligence may have played a role, contact Zinda Law Group to have your case reviewed by an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer.

Multiple Dog Bites Reported within One Week


On city's police department has received several phone calls over the past week regarding dangerous animals biting citizens.

Last week alone, two dog bites were reported to the department. One person called officers after being bitten on August 12th while he was working. Following that report, another incident involving a german shepherd was called in, prompting animal control to respond.

In the latter incident, it appears as though the dog not only tried to attack a person, but another dog as well.

Other recent dog bite calls include a 13-year-old boy who lost control of his own pet as well as two dogs seen off their leashes that were wreaking havoc near a local road. While the department regularly receives calls about unleashed dogs, it is rare to have so many dog bite calls reported within just one week.

If you are a dog bite victim who suffered physical wounds and/or emotional trauma, don't wait to contact a Dallas dog bite attorney from our firm who can help you seek justice. In some cases, you can file a lawsuit to obtain damages for your injuries, pain and suffering if dog owner negligence was involved.

11 Year Old Suffers Horrible Dog Bite Injuries

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Recently, an 11 year old boy sustained dog bite injuries on his hands, face and legs after he was attacked by a stray dog near his apartment complex.

According to news reports, Charles Fields was playing outside when a stray dog approached him and then viciously attacked.  Fields said, "In a second, it just snapped and started biting."  He also added, "All of sudden, it just turned. It just attacked."

Field's mother, Deanthia Edwards, told news reporters that following her son's attack she called Animal Control.  Since May, Animal Control has received two complaints about stray dogs near this particular complex.

At this time, Fields is expected to undergo plastic surgery and will have rabies shots administered.  It has been revealed that the stray dog was caught and will be quarantined.

Have you been a bitten by a dog in Dallas?  Did you suffer serious injuries?  If so, it is important that you contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.