Motorcyclist Killed on MoPac Expressway in Austin

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Posted on May 27, 2022

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A motorcyclist is dead after a deadly crash occurred on the MoPac Expressway yesterday. According to the Austin-Travis County EMS, the crash occurred in the southbound lanes near 8500 N. MoPac Expressway near U.S. Highway 183. According to the reports, a motorcyclist may have fallen off his motorcycle before being struck by another vehicle. The Austin Police Department closed U.S. 183 southbound from Loop 360 to Spicewood Springs Road.

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Girl Left Blind After Air Bag Deployment


Kelly Green was eagerly anticipating her 16th birthday when she lost her vision in a tragic car accident. According to the Daily Mail, the teen was riding with her father in the car when the vehicle hit a pothole and collided with the center barrier. The car then flipped over onto its roof and the airbag deployed. The driver and the passenger airbags both inflated, and Kelly’s father walked away from the accident with only cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, Kelly was not as lucky. The airbag in her family’s BMW hit her in the face, damaging her vision.

She had to be cut from the wreckage and was rushed to the hospital for a surgery. Kelly has had five operations since the accident, but doctors say that she will be permanently blind in her right eye. She has only a slim chance of ever seeing out of her left eye in the future. She is currently learning Braille and figuring out how to touch type as she adjusts to life without sight. Kelly will undergo more surgeries for her eyes, but chances are that she will always remain in the darkness. Her friends and family are trying to raise funds to give Kelly the special equipment that may be able to improve her vision. Kelly’s mother says that her daughter’s positive attitude has been the motor that has kept the family going.

She has still remained her upbeat self and the blindness hasn’t affected her personality. The impact pushed Kelly’s right eye out of socket, causing her face to appear unsightly. Yet she is happy to be alive. Kelly says that she is more concerned about social isolation then not being able to see. If you or a loved one has experienced vision problems because of an airbag contact a personal injury attorney today to get information about how you can litigate.

What is UIM coverage?


Potential clients and clients alike often what Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage is, and when it applies. Although there’s no easy answer, here are answers to common questions regarding UIM coverage:

1. What is UIM Coverage?

ANSWER: UIM coverage is automatic in the state of Texas. In fact, the only way that you do not have UIM coverage is if you specifically rejected it by signing off on UIM coverage in writing. With that said, UIM coverage protects you and your family in the event that an at-fault driver that causes a collision is either uninsured, or does not have enough coverage to make everyone whole for their injuries.

2. When does UIM Coverage Apply?

ANSWER: UIM coverage applies in several different situations. Firstly, UIM coverage may in situations in which the driver that caused the collision doesn’t have insurance. In that case, you would go through your insurance just as you would have gone through the opposing party’s insurance. Secondly, UIM coverage may apply if the amount of the third-party’s insurance isn’t enough to cover your injuries. In that instance, you would attempt to recover the maximum amount allowable under the opposing party’s insurance, and then go through your insurance for the rest. You insurance is allowed to take into account what you’ve been paid by the third party, and what you may have been paid in PIP funds in evaluating your claim.

3. What if I want to know more?

ANSWER: If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or bicycle accident and has any questions, please call an experienced Plano personal injury lawyer that will aggressively and compassionately fight for your legal rights.

City Council Considering New Bicycle Ordinance


After seeing an increase in car crashes involving bicycles over the past several years, the Plano Bicycle Association is trying to find new ways to decrease those numbers in the future.

According to the Plano Star Courier, a new ordinance is being considered by the city council that would help spread awareness of the growing problems involving bicycle and motor vehicle crashes.

The ordinance would put into place new guidelines regarding the passing of bicycles on the roadway. For instance, the ordinance, if passed, would require vehicles on a two-laned (or more) road to switch lanes in order to pass the bicycle. Additionally, the ordinance would attempt to prevent situations where vehicles would pass a bicyclist and then quickly slow down in an attempt to turn right, often times crashing into the bicyclist.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, car accident or truck accident, please call an experienced Plano personal injury attorney that will aggressively fight for your legal rights.

Investigation Shows Drunk Drivers Avoiding Jail Time

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Oftentimes, many individuals see the often televised commercials regarding how tough the State of Texas is against individuals who choose to drive drunk. Well, an investigation by the staff at the Dallas Morning-News claims that stance may be a myth.

A recent article in the Dallas-Morning News details several incidents, after studying thousands, over the past few years involving drunk drivers where individuals were avoiding jail time after their actions.

In a five-part series, the article links several stories detailing how Texas leads the nation in alcohol related fatalities, and discusses what the state is currently doing about it. Not enough, is what one would be lead to believe after learning of the all-to-many accounts where individuals may not be held responsible for their actions. The article includes accounts from every angle, including: families of the victim, families of the accused, citizens, attorneys, judges, and lawmakers.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or bicycle accident as a result of a drunk driver, please call an experienced Dallas and Plano personal injury lawyer who will aggressively fight for your legal rights.

Man Turns Himself in After Hit-And-Run Accident


A man turned himself into the authorities last week in connection to a fatal hit-and-run accident that took the life of a young woman.

At this time, the identity of the suspect is not being released to the public, but it is known that he went to the constable’s office to turn himself in. He was then transported to a police department in Houston, Texas which has jurisdiction over the case. While no charges have been filed against the man just yet, it is highly possible that he will be charged with involuntary manslaughter as well as leaving the scene of an accident.

The victim was a young woman attending a law school in Texas when she was fatally injured during the accident. Police reports show that her vehicle was struck when a car attempting to evade police capture ran a red light. The impact was great enough to kill her and two more passengers inside the vehicle.

Injured during a major car accident? If so, you may be allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation. To learn more, contact a Dallas personal injury attorney from our law office now. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers have handled many auto accident cases and can be of great assistance to you.

Biker Loses Life after Serious Collision


When officers responded to a motorcycle accident call last weekend, they did not know the extent of the rider’s injuries. They quickly learned, however, that the victim would not live to see the end of the night.

Eyewitness reports state that the 59-year-old male victim as heading north on a highway when he collided with a van heading south. For some reason, the motorcycle rider crossed over the center divider, directly into the path of the oncoming vehicle. The accident caused massive and fatal internal injuries to the biker, while the 80-year-old male driver of the second vehicle remained uninjured. There were two more people in the van, a 75-year-old and 78-year-old woman, who both sustained minor injuries.

At this time, the elderly driver has not been charged for his role in the accident.

If you were involved in a motorcycle crash that caused you to suffer injuries, medical expenses and/or suffering, contact a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney from our law office now. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers will get involved quickly to assess your case, provide you with advice and help you pursue appropriate legal action.

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) allows individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident, motorcycle accident, or truck accident a way to immediately pay for medical bills they’ve incurred, as well as up to 80% of all lost wages.

One of the biggest advantages of having Personal Injury Protection is that the insured is entitled to PIP funds regardless of fault. This means that regardless of whether the insured or a third-party was at fault for the collision, PIP funds will be available for those with coverage. Furthermore, the money received from PIP is not taken into consideration when settling a claim with an opposing insurance company, and does not have to be reimbursed upon a settlement agreement. Basically, PIP allows for what is called a double recovery.

In Texas, Personal Injury Protection coverage is automatic through an insurance agent unless specifically opted out of. Additionally, it’s important to note that you can collect PIP funds prior to payment for any other damages under an insurance policy. Therefore, contact the insurance company right away regarding filing losses under PIP after any car accident, bike accident, or truck accident.

Moreover, if you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, please contact a Dallas or Plano Personal Injury attorney at Zinda Law Group who can further assist you regarding your legal rights and options.

Tragic Motorcycle Accident Claims Life of Dallas Man

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This week, police have reported that a man from the Dallas area lost his life during a motorcycle accident. According to news sources, the man collided with an car in west Oak Cliff on Thursday evening.

The man, 35 year old Jane Wade, and another bike rider had been traveling south on Westmoreland Road at approximately 6:30 PM when they neared an intersection. A woman had been driving a Volvo and was turning left at the same intersection. That is when her vehicle collided with Wade and he struck her front left side. Wade was allegedly ejected off of his motorcycle due to the impact.

Following the collision, he was taken to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. Police told news sources that the driver of the Volvo and the other motorcyclist did not sustain any injuries during the crash. They also said that no arrests were made and that the case would be referred to a grand jury to see if charges need to be filed.

If you or someone you know was involved in a motorcycle accident that caused injuries or related hardships, contact our firm to discuss your options with a Dallas personal injury lawyer.

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Driver in Motorcycle Accident in Custody for Hit and Run

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US 75 was shut down for part of Friday morning after a hit and run accident involving a motorcycle sent a woman to the hospital. Traffic was diverted while the accident was investigated and cleaned up.

The car accident happened around Park Boulevard in Plano. Only one person was injured in the accident, and it is reported that the woman is in critical condition at the hospital.

The suspect who is believed to be responsible for the motorcycle wreck left the scene of the crime, which is a felony offense. Police have the suspect in custody, however. The woman in critical condition may choose to file a  personal injury claim against the negligent driver in order to recover damages from her medical costs, lost income and rehabilitation costs.

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