Girl Left Blind After Air Bag Deployment


Kelly Green was eagerly anticipating her 16th birthday when she lost her vision in a tragic car accident. According to the Daily Mail, the teen was riding with her father in the car when the vehicle hit a pothole and collided with the center barrier. The car then flipped over onto its roof and the airbag deployed. The driver and the passenger airbags both inflated, and Kelly’s father walked away from the accident with only cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, Kelly was not as lucky. The airbag in her family’s BMW hit her in the face, damaging her vision.

She had to be cut from the wreckage and was rushed to the hospital for a surgery. Kelly has had five operations since the accident, but doctors say that she will be permanently blind in her right eye. She has only a slim chance of ever seeing out of her left eye in the future. She is currently learning Braille and figuring out how to touch type as she adjusts to life without sight. Kelly will undergo more surgeries for her eyes, but chances are that she will always remain in the darkness. Her friends and family are trying to raise funds to give Kelly the special equipment that may be able to improve her vision. Kelly’s mother says that her daughter’s positive attitude has been the motor that has kept the family going.

She has still remained her upbeat self and the blindness hasn’t affected her personality. The impact pushed Kelly’s right eye out of socket, causing her face to appear unsightly. Yet she is happy to be alive. Kelly says that she is more concerned about social isolation then not being able to see. If you or a loved one has experienced vision problems because of an airbag contact a personal injury attorney today to get information about how you can litigate.

Accident Where Officer was Driving at High Speeds

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The actions of one police officer in Dallas, Texas have many people questioning the conduct of law enforcement in general. A video shows the officer losing control of his vehicle in a residential area while driving at extremely high speeds. Although police in Dallas are keeping relatively mum about the auto accident, a leaked video reveals part of what happened the night of the crash. It clearly shows the police officer losing control of his vehicle, speeding and crashing into a tree. He is believed to have been driving as fast as 100 mph when the accident took place.

The officer was supposedly on his way to assist another police officer who was in need of a backup unit. However, those in the community are questioning whether it was necessary and safe for the officer to be driving so fast in the neighborhood as such high speeds can lead to fatal car accidents. Were you involved in an auto accident with a driver who was speeding or acting in a reckless manner? If so, you may wish to contact Zinda Law Group so you can have your case evaluated by an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer that is committed to protecting your best interests.

What is UIM coverage?


Potential clients and clients alike often what Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage is, and when it applies. Although there's no easy answer, here are answers to common questions regarding UIM coverage:

1. What is UIM Coverage?

ANSWER: UIM coverage is automatic in the state of Texas. In fact, the only way that you do not have UIM coverage is if you specifically rejected it by signing off on UIM coverage in writing. With that said, UIM coverage protects you and your family in the event that an at-fault driver that causes a collision is either uninsured, or does not have enough coverage to make everyone whole for their injuries.

2. When does UIM Coverage Apply?

ANSWER: UIM coverage applies in several different situations. Firstly, UIM coverage may in situations in which the driver that caused the collision doesn't have insurance. In that case, you would go through your insurance just as you would have gone through the opposing party's insurance. Secondly, UIM coverage may apply if the amount of the third-party's insurance isn't enough to cover your injuries. In that instance, you would attempt to recover the maximum amount allowable under the opposing party's insurance, and then go through your insurance for the rest. You insurance is allowed to take into account what you've been paid by the third party, and what you may have been paid in PIP funds in evaluating your claim.

3. What if I want to know more?

ANSWER: If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or bicycle accident and has any questions, please call an experienced Plano personal injury lawyer that will aggressively and compassionately fight for your legal rights.

Investigation Shows Drunk Drivers Avoiding Jail Time

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Oftentimes, many individuals see the often televised commercials regarding how tough the State of Texas is against individuals who choose to drive drunk. Well, an investigation by the staff at the Dallas Morning-News claims that stance may be a myth.

A recent article in the Dallas-Morning News details several incidents, after studying thousands, over the past few years involving drunk drivers where individuals were avoiding jail time after their actions.

In a five-part series, the article links several stories detailing how Texas leads the nation in alcohol related fatalities, and discusses what the state is currently doing about it. Not enough, is what one would be lead to believe after learning of the all-to-many accounts where individuals may not be held responsible for their actions. The article includes accounts from every angle, including: families of the victim, families of the accused, citizens, attorneys, judges, and lawmakers.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or bicycle accident as a result of a drunk driver, please call an experienced Dallas and Plano personal injury lawyer who will aggressively fight for your legal rights.

Yale Tailgating Crash Kills One

As several students and fans were tailgating Saturday, November 19th, 2011 at Yale University before their football game kicked off against Harvard, tragedy struck.

Nancy Berry, 30, of Salem, Massachusetts was killed and two others were seriously injured when Yale student Brendan Ross ran them over in a U-Haul truck while making a left-hand turn. According to, while Ross passed a sobriety test, he was carrying several kegs of beer in the back of his U-Haul.

According to authorities, as he attempted to make the left-hand turn, he jumped the curb and hit three pedestrians before continuing to crash into two parked box trucks. After the crash, Yale said it would review its policies regarding tailgating as they investigate further.

If you or a loved one has been killed or injured in a pedestrian accident, motor vehicle accident, or truck accident, please call an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney that will aggressively fight for your legal rights.

Pedestrian Accident Victim Recovers from Injuries


On January 13th a six-year-old and his mother were injured in a pedestrian accident when a car slammed into them as they walked down the sidewalk. While the mother only suffered a leg injury, the child suffered nearly catastrophic injuries including a traumatic brain injury and multiple skull fractures.

In the weeks since the accident, Misael Rico has made an enormous recovery from his injuries including waking from a temporary coma, regaining his ability to walk, talk, eat and breathe correctly. If his injuries had been any worse it is possible he could have suffered paralysis or even permanent brain damage.

In accidents that can cause serious permanent bodily damage the person responsible for the accident may be held liable for the injuries that a person suffers, even if they are not held criminally responsible for the accident.

The attorneys at Heselmeyer, Zinda Law Group understand the stress and financial difficulties that come with serious medical procedures caused by accidents. We will help to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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Pedestrian Accident Kills One, Seriously Injures Another


Tuesday night, two men were walking on the side of U.S. Highway 75 service road when they were struck by a a driver whom police believe was drunk. One of the two men died of his injuries; the other is in serious condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

The driver of the offending vehicle, Alicia Susanna Robles, 27, has been charged with intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter for the pedestrian accident. These are both felony crimes. She was booked at Collin County Jail on a $75,000 bail.

The family of the deceased man can hire a Dallas personal injury lawyer to represent a civil suit against Robles if they so choose.  Wrongful death claims generally seek compensation for funeral costs, lost wages and benefits and loss of companionship. The other man who was hit may also file a claim against her in order to recoup damages from medical bills and other expenses.

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7 Year Old Child Hit by Car, Killed After Exiting School Bus

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There are very strict laws concerning traffic around a school bus, and for a good reason. A 7 year old child was killed on Thursday as he was getting off of the bus from school. According to reports, Nicolas Garza was walking across State Highway 34 near Savannah Lane when he was hit by a car coming from the other direction.

Oncoming cars are supposed to stop when school buses stop to avoid exactly this type of pedestrian accident. School buses are equipped with flashing red lights as well as a stop sign that pops out when they stop to let children out.

The driver of the pickup was 47 year old Salvador Hernandez. He was arrested after the accident for involuntary manslaughter. It is not believed that alcohol played a role in the crash, although some sources indicate that he tried to pass the stopped cars in front of him in order to get around the traffic.

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First Grader Killed by Car While Walking to School


A six year old Arlington girl was killed this morning when she was hit by a car while walking to school with her mother.

The girl was a first grade student at Dunn Elementary. She was walking ahead of her mother on the median of Park Springs Boulevard, but when she ran back to her mother, she was struck by a pickup truck. She was rushed to the Medical Center of Arlington, but died there of her injuries.

Police do not believe that the driver of the pickup was speeding or driving under the influence. It is not known whether he was paying attention while he was driving though.

Pedestrian accidents kill thousands each year, and unfortunately a large number of these occur in school zones where children are walking and playing.

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