Denver Boy Dies After Drowning in a Phoenix Hotel Pool

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Posted on June 1, 2022

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This week, a 13-year-old boy from Denver died after drowning in a Phoenix hotel pool. He was traveling with his middle school’s football team for a championship game. After the team won, the boys celebrated in the pool after the game. After being discovered in the deep end of the pool by his friend, his friend performed CPR until the paramedics arrived.

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Texas Girl Loses Limb in Tragic Boat Crash

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Abby Meuller was enjoying a family vacation at Kezar Lake in Maine when disaster struck. The 15-year-old from Texas was sitting with her legs dangling freely off the side of the family’s boat when the watercraft hit a submerged rock. The impact ejected the teen from the boat, where she was sliced by the boat’s powerful propeller. The sharp propeller severe her leg from her body below the knee. Abby’s parents immediately called 911 and she was airlifted to Boston in critical condition. Her father told The Republic that the family was just enjoying their time on the boat and did not see the rock that was hidden under the water ahead.

The family of 5 was all on the boat, expect for one child who was being towed behind the watercraft on an inflatable. Two cousins were also present at the time. Mr. Meuller suffered some slight injuries in the crash, but Abby was the only child who was in critical condition. Officials don’t believe that alcohol was to blame for the accident. When rocks are submerged below the service, the lake officials are supposed to mark that area with a buoy so that boaters know to avoid it.

Without a marker there as a warning, more accidents like Abby’s tragic fall off the boat can occur. If you have been hurt in a lake accident because of the lake staff’s negligence to care for your safety, then you have the right to sue for compensation. While money won’t be able to undo the extensive damage that you may have suffered, the finances can make adjusting to life without a limb a little easier. You may be able to afford medical expenses, treatments, or luxuries that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. Talk to a personal injury attorney in Dallas today if you want more information!

Fire Reported at Rihanna Concert in Dallas


While you normally expect a Rihanna concert to be exciting, fans were treated to a pyrotechnics show gone wrong last week at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Rihanna was on stage performing when something went wrong with the pyrotechnics show, setting the curtains and other parts of the stage on fire. Although fans were scared and rushed to exit the arena, initial reports show that everybody was able to escape safely despite congestion at some exits. Firefighters rushed to the scene, but the fire itself had been put out long before they arrived.

While nobody, including the singer herself, was injured, many fans are now expressing their anger about the show ending early. One fan commented that, “we were really looking forward to this. Now we’re wondering if our money is going to be refunded anyway.”

Rihanna responded to the incident by tweeting “DALLAS!!! We set the stage on FYAH tonight!!!! LITERALLY!!!!” She then went on to say that her team had plans to investigate the source of the fire.

Unfortunately, people can suffer injuries if owners of premises are not careful. If you were harmed during a premises liability accident in Texas and would like to learn more about your legal alternatives, contact our team to enlist the counsel of a Dallas personal injury lawyer today.

Photographer Falls to His Death in Dallas


A tourist became so engrossed in capturing the Dallas skyline that he accidentally fell to his death last week.

Police reports show that the victim, Gary Ray Gribble, 26, was in a parking garage taking pictures when he walked backwards, off of the parking deck. Since the deck did not have a railing surrounding the edge, Gribble had no warning as to where the edge was. Although he was rushed to the Parkland Hospital, he lost his life shortly after.

While police have yet to file charges, their investigation into the freak fatal accident is ongoing. No word yet as to whether the parking lot or its adjoining hotel will be held responsible under the laws of premises liability.

Have you recently injured yourself on the property of another? If so, you may be able to hold them at fault. Contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer today to learn more about premises liability and whether your case qualifies.

Collapsing balcony results in death of tenant at apartment complex

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A man was killed south-east of Dallas when the balcony of his apartment collapsed, dropping him 12-feet to his death.

The man fell to his death when the concrete floor of his balcony collapsed and sent him falling to his death. Code inspectors and engineers are investigating the incident, which may have been the result of miscommunication or a lack of warning between the complex managers, repair crews and the tenants.

If you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a  wrongful death accident that may have been caused by a negligent business owner it may be possible to obtain compensation for your loss to hold them responsible for their negligence and work towards preventing future accidents of the same kind.

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Children Playground Injuries

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Mcdonalds, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Jack In the Box, they all have them.  It is almost impossible to find a fast food restaurant without a soft contained playground for your kids to enjoy while you settle in for a bite to eat. Playground injuries are nothing new to these establishments, and they are often viewed as a cost of doing business. Even my own kids can spot a McDonalds playground from the car as if they had laser vision and a compass.

Most establishments have followed ASTM standards along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendations. However, many fail to properly maintain or remedy known dangerous conditions. Recently, I have taken a case against a major franchise where a child fell from a playground structure. In this case, a hard tile floor was within inches of the playground surface. Moreover, the structure did not contain no-climb netting to prevent children from climbing. As a result, the child climbed the structure and fell onto the tile floor, shattering his arm.

Premises liability cases like these are all too common. Burger King recently settled a similar claim for 20 Million.  Defendants universally argue that the parent was responsible for watching the child, often referred to as negligent supervision. Undoubtedly, a child injuries lawyer in Dallas can help families that have had this unfortunate accident occur to one of their children overcome the typical defense tactics used by these establishments. If you feel that your child has been injured at a soft contained playground or jungle gym, please  contact my office for an evaluation of what you and your child might be entitled to.

Senior Center Evacuated Because of Fire

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Yesterday afternoon, a senior center in Dallas caught fire. Around 110 people, seniors and staff, had to be evacuated from the building. No one required immediate hospitalization, but smoke can cause serious damage to people’s lungs, especially those that are elderly, sick, or with weak immune systems.

Bentley Manor Assisted Living Center was saved with help of firefighters and Good Samaritans alike. Some of the people who saw the fire went in and crawled through under the smoke to help evacuate people.

The cause of the fire has not been determined. Also, it has not been calculated how much the damage the fire caused.

The fire may have been an accident, or it could have been caused by negligence. It is also possible that there was a product defect in something that caused or contributed to the blaze.

If anyone was seriously hurt in the fire, it is recommended that he or she contact a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney who will investigate the case.

Two Boys Electrocuted by Downed Power Line


Two children are in the hospital after receiving life-threatening shocks from a downed power line.

Young North Richland Hills teenager, 14 year old Austin Stewart, and an unnamed 11 year old friend of his are the unfortunate victims. The two were playing when the younger boy noticed a basketball lying in a culvert. When he went to pick it up, he slipped and fell. In an attempt to stabilize himself, he grabbed onto a downed power line. Unbeknownst to him, the wire was still live. Stewart attempted to help the younger boy and was also electrocuted by the wire.

Electrocutions can cause  catastrophic injuries and even death. Both boys are lucky that they survived the accident. Stewart’s family says that the area around the downed wire is not fenced in and that there are no warnings about the danger. Oncor, which owns and operates the power line, is investigating. It is unclear whether the company will be held responsible for the premises liability.

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Social Host Liability Laws Becoming More Prevalent

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Social host liability laws, which are similar to “dram shop laws,” are laws that allow victims to hold people and residences who serve alcohol to minors responsible for damages if any accidents occur. Some laws also allow criminal penalties to hosts who serve to minors.

The law passed in Texas in 2005. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is one of the major proponents of this legislation. Recently, a suit was filed against former Texas Supreme Court Justice Tom Phillips and his wife. Bobby and Cheryl King, the parents of Audrey King, are sued after Audrey’s death a year and a half ago. She was at the Phillips’ residence for a party the night of her accident, was drinking underage, and got into an accident on the way home. Although it was determined that the accident was her fault and that she was driving while intoxicated, the King’s have a right to hold the Phillips liable. They are also suing the owners of the convenience store where the alcohol was bought.

The Phillips are fighting the charges, saying that they were unaware alcohol was being consumed on their property. In most cases, ignorance is not a legally valid excuse.

Contact a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney at our firm if you have lost someone you loved in a drunk driving accident, or in any other situation caused by inexcusable negligence. We may be able to help.

Collision with Cow Kills DPS Trooper

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56 year old Cpl. David Ralph Slaton was killed on Tuesday after his patrol vehicle struck a cow that was in the road. The accident caused Slaton to then hit a semi-truck.

Slaton, who was a trooper for the Texas Department of Public Safety, was on-duty at the time of the car accident. The driver of the truck, Brett Douglas Noga, was uninjured. The accident happened at night, around 10:30 p.m., a little ways from Wichita Falls.

Slaton, who was from Bowie, TX, leaves behind a wife and a son. He worked for DPS for 36 years.

It has not been announced whether the owner of the cow has been found. If the cow was able to wander into the street because of negligent property upkeep, the cow owner may be held liable for the trooper’s death.

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