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Construction Accidents Cedar Park, TX

Construction sites are fraught with dangers. Every day, workers are required to labor in an environment traditionally known for high accident numbers. Heavy objects can suddenly fall from several stories above and injure or kill those below. In 2004, there were more than one-thousand fatalities among construction workers and that number is up 9% from the previous year.

Avoiding Hazardous Conditions

Construction workers understand most of the hazards associated with their chosen profession, but often when accidents do occur, the cause can be linked back to some type of negligence on site. Though all construction accidents cannot be avoided completely, there are a number of precautions that workers can take to make their day safer.

As a worker, remember that you have the right to refuse to climb up on old, rickety, unsafe scaffolding. Each year, dozens of accidents occur from scaffolding collapsing. Another thing to be wary of is falling objects. Though a hardhat can help, it’s still important to stay away from areas where large objects could fall on you.

If your work takes you up on the rooftops occasionally, then know this: the majority of construction accidents do take place on roofs and other places high off the ground. This type of work carries with it a special risk and there are a number of rules that govern how workers should be protected from harm. In many states, those working on rooftops are required to wear a harness, so that if they fall, they will not plunge to their death.

Most of the time, workers are not aware of their legal options when an accident occurs, but a worker can take legal action if they believe their injury was caused by someone else’s negligence. Construction accidents that involve fires, explosions, electric shock, or faulty machinery can often be traced back to someone’s negligence. Exposure to toxic chemicals is another hazard that is usually found to be a result of someone not taking the proper precautions.

Have you Been Injured on a Construction Site?

The first step to getting compensation for your injuries is hiring a skilled Cedar Park personal injury lawyer.  As the victim of a construction accident, you will need help from an aggressive law firm that isn’t afraid to fight for you.

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