Cedar Park Workplace Injuries

Cedar Park, TX Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Texas is ahead of many other states in one area:  fatal occupational injuries. In Texas, the workplace fatality injury numbers have exceeded other states for two years in a row. Though this is very alarming, victims of on-the-job injuries have some recourse. In many cases, though, they simply except the settlement offer made by their employer or his insurance company without realizing that the offered compensation may not be enough for expenses like ongoing medical treatments.

The true problem that many people face lies in ascertaining the exact cause of the accident and locating the responsible party. For instance, if you are injured on the job by a malfunctioning machine, there can be a number of people at fault. It could be the manufacturer of the machine, but it could also be that your employer was operating the machine in an unsafe manner. In some cases, there are other mitigating factors such as the employer did not do regular maintenance on the machine or train the employee correctly who was operating the machinery.

All these intricate details of the case must be uncovered and that takes a thorough investigation by a skilled Cedar Park accident attorney. Our experienced Cedar Park injury lawyers have been helping workers who were injured on the job for many years. Our Cedar Park accident lawyers understand the complex personal injury laws of the state of Texas. Our Cedar Park injury lawyers work hard to put together a winning case, but we also do our best to settle out of court because we know how stressful and time consuming a trial can be.

Each year, Texas workers are injured on the job and though most companies maintain workers’ compensation insurance, you may not be able to get all the reimbursement for your injuries and damages without the help of an experienced Cedar Park injury lawyer.

If you have received an on-the-job injury, then why not call Cedar Park accident lawyers today to schedule your free legal consultation? You can quickly find out what your rights are and you won’t have to pay a penny unless our accident lawyers in Cedar Park take your case and win it.

Our Cedar Park accident attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and we will fight aggressively on your behalf. We work to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable and we help you get the highest compensation possible.

Call us today if you’ve been injured on the job and let our Cedar Park accident lawyers help you get the settlement you deserve.