Champion cyclist killed in collision with DUI suspect in Colorado

May 18, 2021

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LAKEWOOD (Out There CO)-News broke on Sunday that a cyclist had been killed in Lakewood, Colorado, reportedly hit by a driver. The driver was suspected to be under the influence of drugs. The collision happened at approximately 10 AM.

According to the Denver Post, the deceased cyclist has since been identified as a reigning road race national champion Gwen Inglis, 47, by the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado. In the words of the organization, “[Gwen] was a multiple National and State Champion on the bike and very well known across the cycling community of Colorado.”

According to, Gwen most recently ranked 8th in the Pueblo Classic on April 24. She has dozens of wins recorded on the website and was a champion in the women’s 45-49 age group.

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The person suspected of hitting Gwen while under the influence of drugs stayed at the scene. The driver was arrested with a DUI charge with the possibility of a vehicular manslaughter charge.

Gwen leaves behind her husband, Mike Inglis, who is also very involved in Colorado’s cycling community.

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