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The U.S government has implemented various legal provisions that grant citizens certain rights that cannot be infringed upon. These civil rights are designed to ensure individuals receive equal and fair treatment under the law.

Unfortunately, some individuals are denied these basic civil rights. If you have experienced a violation of your civil rights, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries, both physical and psychological.

Our civil rights attorneys have the resources and experience to help victims of civil rights violations and support the promotion and protection of civil rights for others.

What Are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are defined as personal rights set forth by the U.S Constitution and federal laws passed by Congress that serve to protect individuals from unfair treatment and prevent infringement of their freedom.

Types of civil rights include the following:

  • The right to vote,
  • The right to a fair trial, and
  • The right to use public facilities

Under federal law, these rights are guaranteed for every person, regardless of race, gender, age, or other attributes. When these rights are violated, the attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help you seek maximum compensation by filing a civil rights lawsuit.

Types of Civil Rights Claims

The Civil Rights Act of 1871, numbered as 42 USC 1983 and commonly known as Section 1983, is a federal law that allows an individual to file a civil lawsuit against the government for civil rights violations. Section 1983 cases involve lawsuits against officials acting under “color of state law”, which are commonly police officers. Some of the common types of civil rights cases are described below

Constitutional Violations

First Amendment civil rights violations can occur when an officer arrests an individual for recording (freedom of speech violation), protesting (freedom of association), or for practicing their religion.

Fourth Amendment violations of civil rights can occur when an individual experiences false imprisonment or false arrests without probable cause, malicious prosecution, or a wrongful conviction.

Police Misconduct

Police misconduct often referred to as police brutality, involves the use of excessive force by a police officer while conducting an arrest. Injuries sustained by victims of excessive force may involve handcuffs, batons, tasers or guns. Severe police misconduct cases may result in wrongful death.

Municipality Cases

Civil rights municipality cases, also known as a Monell claim, involve a civil lawsuit against the government entity that employed the official that committed the civil rights violation.

For example, a municipality claim can be filed against a Police Department with unconstitutional policies or a pattern of practice that shows they are at fault for the officer’s actions, such as disregarding proper training.

Elements of a Civil Rights Case

There are two crucial elements that must be proven to file a successful civil rights claim:

  • First, the state official who committed the civil rights violation must have acted under the “color of state law”
  • Second, the conduct of the official must have deprived the victim of their rights guaranteed by federal law or the US Constitution

If you have been injured from a civil rights violation and are unsure about your claim, the civil rights attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help you file a civil lawsuit and seek the compensation you deserve.

Civil Rights Claim Statute of Limitations

Not many people know that government officials are defined as “persons” under Section 1983, and can be sued for any actions they take that violate the civil rights of another individual. This means that many victims do not even try to pursue civil litigation for their situation.

If you have experienced a violation of your civil rights, or have been injured from excessive force by a police officer, you may be able to file a civil suit.

Because every state has a different statute of limitations for civil rights cases, it is important for you to contact an attorney after you have sought medical treatment for your injuries. A civil lawyer can work with you on your claim and seek justice on your behalf.

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