Premises Liability Lawyers in College Station, Texas

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Premises liability includes legal measures that protect you from being injured on property because of the owner’s fault. A land or property owner can be held liable if you become injured on the premises. Many people spend time on other people’s properties. The chances of an accident occurring is high. Injuries can be caused by different factors, like uneven roads, wet floors and falling items. Only a lawyer knows how to sort out the details and make the right steps.

Different types of premises liability cases exist. Fires, fallen objects, animal injuries and construction accidents. Everyone’s situation is different. The liability varies based on the state law and the extent of the injury. The property condition and the owner’s reputation are two key factors. The legal status of the injured person is considered, whether he or she is a licensee, invitee or trespasser. An invitee is an invited person, like a shopper in a mall. A licensee is someone who has a real purpose on the property, like an apartment renter. A trespasser goes on property without consent. In any situation, the lawyer must prove that the property owner has not maintained the security of the property.

A lawyer determines the liability of the owner by considering several factors. These factors include the operations of the property, the reasons why the person went on the property, the predictability of the accident and the reasonability of the owner’s attempts to warn visitors about hazards. The responsibility of the injured person is considered. A visitor or resident is responsible for being careful about his or her own personal safety. The plaintiff’s chances of winning are reduced if it is found that he or she is negligent. An injured person who lives in an apartment is more likely to be at fault than someone who visited a theme park. Many states have “comparative fault” conditions for personal injury claims.

Finding liability in an accident is complicated and hard to prove. If you or someone you know has become injured on another person’s property, seek legal assistance in the Bryan and College Station areas. Get justice for your injuries and gain the compensation you need. Contact personal injury attorneys, Zinda Law Group, and find the best course of action to take.