Transvaginal Mesh Injury

Transvaginal Mesh Injury Attorney College Station

There have been many cases involving injured women who have used transvaginal mesh to date. Since transvaginal mesh became a popular treatment used after vaginal surgeries, women have suffered from internal bleeding, perforated organs, injured pelvises and other severe injuries. Over 4,000 reports have been made to the FDA in regards to injury claims involving transvaginal mesh. It is clear that this product is no longer safe for the general public to use, and women who have used the product should obtain their rightful damages from the manufacturer of transvaginal mesh. Women who have been injured by transvaginal mesh can get in touch with a College Station personal injury lawyer who will help them to resolve their cases as soon as possible.

A College Station personal injury lawyer has extensive experience in handling products liability actions. He or she understands that manufacturers of transvaginal mesh have a standard of care that they must meet. They must research the safety of products before releasing them to the public for use. They must avoid releasing a product that is unreasonably dangerous for use by the average consumer. Also, transvaginal mesh manufacturers have a duty not to sell products in a defective condition. Since transvaginal mesh manufacturers have actually engaged in selling a defective product, they are liable for the injuries of plaintiffs under a products liability action.

In addition, all other commercial sellers of transvaginal mesh may also be liable for the damages of a plaintiff. This means that a hospital may be liable for selling transvaginal mesh to plaintiffs. Manufacturers and other businesses that sell this product directly to consumers will also be held liable. If you have purchased this product from a commercial seller, then you should retain the receipt and any other information that you were provided during the purchasing process. You will need to show a College Station transvaginal mesh attorney all of this information. A transvaginal mesh attorney will be able to determine whether you can proceed in filing a products liability action against the commercial seller.

There have also been instances in which misrepresentations have been made to the public about transvaginal mesh. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to offer false statements to the public concerning the safety of this product. The reality is that hundreds of women have already died from using this product. Many women are counseled to go forward with receiving an operation that involves the use of transvaginal mesh, because they believe that the product is completely safe due to these misrepresentations. If you were swayed to use this product as a result of misrepresentations made to the public, then you should contact a College Station personal injury lawyer to determine whether you should file a lawsuit.

By filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of their transvaginal mesh, plaintiffs can receive damages for the injuries that they have suffered. They will not be responsible for paying the medical bills and medical equipment expenses that have arisen due to the use of this mesh.