Colorado Bicycle Accident Lawyers: Bicycle On Bicycle

In Colorado, riding a bike can be a zen-like experience. We ride them for exercise, for fun, for commuting and for competition. Each year, we find more and more bikes on the road and on the trails. With this increase in the bike population, unfortunately, bicycle crashes are also on the rise. Bicycle accidents can occur virtually anywhere. While most crashes occur due to contact with cars and trucks as well as roadway debris and defects, there are a plethora of other types of bike crashes.


Group Riders

Many of us enjoy riding in groups with other riders. We have all seen these groups in “peletons” on the roadway riding in packs. Sometimes only a couple of riders and sometimes literally hundreds. If you’ve ever ridden in one, you are aware of the close proximity of the bikes either because the riders are talking or, if they are moving fast, drafting. Other times, there are simply a group of riders with a common destination, commuters riding in the same direction, or random bikers who find themselves in the same location. Regardless, this close contact can lead to crashes. Anything from someone hitting the brakes unexpectedly, coming around a corner too fast for conditions, being on the wrong side of the street, swerving to avoid an obstacle or any number of reasons can cause a bike on bike crash.


Regardless how safe you ride or what safety equipment you use, bike crashes happen. When they do, it’s important to know what to do and who to contact.


After the Crash

When a bike crash happens, if you are able, you must take immediate action. This means calling the police immediately. Unless it poses a danger, do not move any bikes until the police arrive and fully cooperate with the police. Request an ambulance even if you think you are only slightly hurt. Oftentimes, adrenaline and outside factors take over and the body attempts to shield the brain from thinking you are hurt. It is only later that evening or the next day that you realize you are injured.


Documentation is Key

While still at the scene, if you are able, document everything conceivable. This includes all information about the person that caused you to crash. Get their name, phone number and insurance information. Get both their car insurance and homeowner or rental insurance (this is the insurance that will most likely apply).   Photograph everything including the other rider and their bike, the roadway, any obstruction, your injuries, your equipment and anything else you feel could be important.


If Injured

If you have any suspicion of being injured, go see a health care professional immediately. This can be the emergency room, urgent care or your primary care physician but see them right away. They will be able to evaluate the injury and get you to the right specialist if need be. Common mistakes people make is trying to “push through the pain.” Many times, the pain gets worse the days after an accident and waiting only prolongs the suffering and, in many cases, actually makes the injury worse. Don’t be afraid to use an ambulance if you feel you need to seek immediate care. Remember, the longer you wait to receive the care you need, the worse off your legal case becomes.



The vast majority of people have never hired a lawyer and many of them never will. There is something inherently “weak” about admitting you need help. Many people think they can trust the insurance company more than a lawyer or they feel they will end up with more money in their pocket if they don’t have to pay an attorney. This is what the insurance company wants you to believe. The fact is, the insurance company has a team of adjusters, investigators and attorneys who are all working against you and trying to minimize their payout. You need an attorney to even the playing field because you are completely outgunned and outmatched by the insurance company. They know what they are doing and, if you don’t, things can turn out very badly. Hiring an attorney will level this playing field and will put a partner and an advocate on your side.


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