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Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere; even the safest drivers can get into car accidents. Whether you are stopped at a red light or running an errand in a company vehicle, you are at risk of getting into a car accident. If you get into a car accident and are hurt while in a company vehicle, you may be wondering what you should do next, and whom you can hold responsible for your damages. That’s why it’s important to know experienced Colorado company vehicle accident lawyers if you are in an accident.

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Seek medical attention

Car accidents can cause serious injuries. As soon as possible, you should seek medical attention to determine whether you are seriously injured. If your accident was severe, an ambulance may come to the scene and take you to the hospital; if you were in a fender bender or other minor accident, an ambulance may not arrive at the scene.

If an ambulance does not take you to the hospital, you should see your medical provider as soon as possible to determine whether you are injured. Common injuries from car accidents in Colorado which have involved company vehicles include:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussions and other head injuries
  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Broken bones, particularly ribs
  • Internal bleeding

Some of these injuries may not present themselves immediately, which is why you should seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident to prevent your injuries from worsening. When you visit the doctor, he or she will perform a physical examination to determine whether you are suffering from any external injuries. Your doctor may also order you undergo MRIs, x-rays, or other scans to determine if you have any internal injuries.

Once your doctor determines what injuries you are suffering from, he or she will create a treatment plan for you. This may include prescribing you medication, referring you to other doctors, or requiring you to wear a cast or sling for any broken bones. It is important to follow your doctor’s treatment plan to ensure that your injuries heal.

You may also suffer from emotional injuries as a result of your car accident. You may experience feelings of guilt, or have anxiety, fears of driving, or PTSD. If you are having vivid flashbacks of the accident, nightmares, trouble sleeping, or other intense emotional reactions, you may be suffering from an emotional injury.

To determine what emotional injury you are suffering from, see a psychologist. A psychologist can evaluate you and counsel you to help you overcome your emotional injuries. Your psychologist may also refer you to a psychiatrist who can prescribe you with medication to help relieve your emotional injuries.

Report the accident

If you were involved in a car accident in Colorado, you may be required under Colorado law to report the accident to authorities. Colorado law requires you to report a car accident if:

  • Someone is injured
  • Someone dies
  • Public property is damaged
  • A driver leaves the scene
  • A driver appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Even if you are not required by Colorado law to report the accident, you should still call the police to file a police report; this will ensure there is an official record of the accident and what happened. When police arrive at the scene, they will interview the drivers and passengers involved to determine what happened; they will also ask for the name, contact, and insurance information of those involved. The information police gather at the scene will be included in their official accident report.

Accident reports are public records, and you can request a copy online at the Colorado DMV website. To obtain a copy of the report, you must fill out a Requestor Release and Affidavit of Intended Use form; in filling out this form, you will need to know your own information, information about the accident, and your intended use for the report (the form specifies certain uses that are permissible). You will also have to pay $10 to obtain a copy of the report, which you should receive within about 90 days.

When you call the police to report the accident, it is not guaranteed that an officer will arrive at the scene to investigate, especially if the accident is minor and no people or property was damaged. If the police do not come to the scene of the accident, as soon as possible you should go to the nearest police station and create an accident report yourself. You can also create a report online at the Colorado DMV website, filling out your name, date of birth, address, and the location, time and date of the accident; you may also want to include in the report any other information you may have documented about the accident.

Document the accident

In order to create an accident report on your own after the accident, it is most helpful if you document the accident while you are at the scene. Why? This information can also be useful to a if you later choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible for the accident.

One way to document the accident is by taking photos at the scene. Some details to photograph include:

  • Your injuries
  • Injuries to passengers
  • Injuries to other drivers involved
  • Damage to the exterior and interior of your vehicle
  • Damage to the exterior and interior of other vehicles involved
  • Location where the accident occurred

You can also document the accident by writing down details on paper or in your cell phone. You may want to write down:

  • Contact information of the other driver(s) involved (name, e-mail, phone number, etc.)
  • Contact information of any passengers
  • Contact information of any witnesses
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance information, including policy number
  • Make, model, and other defining characteristics of the other cars involved
  • Time and location of the accident

You can also write down how the accident occurred from your point of view. Post-accident checklists of tasks to perform after an accident remind us that even seemingly insignificant details can be very important, so you may want to write down what you were doing at the time of the accident, where you were driving to and from, and any other details you think may be important.

Determining who is at fault

In Colorado, if you are less than 50% responsible for the car accident, you are allowed to seek compensation. In certain circumstances it is clear who caused the accident; in others, it is not so clear, so you should contact a Colorado injury attorney who can help you determine whether you are able to seek compensation.

If you were responsible for the accident, your employer might be liable for the other party’s damages. Your employer will be liable if you were driving the company vehicle during the scope of your employment; for example, if you were delivering a package as part of your employee responsibilities, you are acting within the scope of your employment. By contrast, if you are delivering a package and decide to run personal errands on the way, you are not acting within the scope of your employment.

If you did cause the accident and your employer can be held responsible, you can still be held personally liable for the accident. This means another driver involved in the accident can sue you personally and seek damages from you. To help you determine who was at fault and whether you can be held personally liable, contact a company vehicle accident attorney.

Notify your employer

If you were involved in a car accident while in your company vehicle, notify your employer as soon as possible. Provide your employer with all of the information you documented about the accident. If you are unsure of how to communicate with your employer about the accident, contact a company vehicle accident lawyer who can help you explain what happened and determine next steps.

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