Common Dog Bite Law Questions

Unfortunately, our office often receives calls from individuals or their family regarding a dog attack or dog bite that they've recently experienced. Texas has seen an increase in dog-related incidents over the past several years, and oftentimes these attacks result in serious and sometimes permanent injury.

Here are answers to several questions our office receives regarding a potential dog bite injury claim:

1. How do I show that the owner of the dog was liable?

ANSWER: Texas is what is referred to as a 'one-bite' state. What this means is that the owner of the dog would have to have known, or at least should have known, of a previous attack/dog bite incident or know that the dog had a propensity to do so.

2. What if I can't show that the dog already had attacked someone else?

ANSWER: In Texas, there several additional ways you may be able to recover in a dog bite claim. First, you may be able to bring an ordinary negligence claim. This may occur in an instance where a pitbull is kept around children at a place of business, and as a result the dog attacks and injures the child. Furthermore, you may have a negligence per se cause of action. This occurs when there is negligence based on a violation of a statute, regulation, or law. This often comes into play in areas where there are leash laws. Several leash laws around the state prevent dogs from leaving their owner's land unless they are on a leash. As a result, oftentimes dog attacks in your own neighborhood may be pursued based on negligence per se.

If you have any questions after you or a family member or friend have been involved in a dog bite or dog attack, please call an experienced Austin dog bite lawyer at Zinda Law Group by calling our office. We compassionately and aggressively represent many dog bite victimes across the state in their attempts to be made whole as a result of their injuries.