Birth Injury Lawyers in Corpus Christi

Infants can sustain a variety of injuries related to the birthing process. Most of these injuries result from complications that occur in labor and delivery. Some do not have any lasting effect on the newborn, others do. Some even have lifelong effects. Birth injuries can range from simple things like minor bruises to much more serious ones like nerve damage and permanent brain injury. Some extreme yet isolated cases can even lead to death.

If your baby was injured during birth, you need to know if the cause was something unavoidable or if it resulted from negligence on the part of a doctor or other medical professional. It can be very difficult, even impossible to make these determinations on your own. For this reason, it is imperative that you speak with a Corpus Christi, TX birth injury attorney about the situation and learn your (and your baby's) rights.

Common Birth Injuries
Certain injuries can be explained easily; they are part of the normal process of giving birth and heal quickly. For example, some babies experience bruising to the head and face. This is a frequent result of the mother's pelvic bone bearing on the baby's head during delivery. Some babies also suffer fractured collar bones for similar reasons.

Some injuries are a bit more complex in terms of determining negligence. If the baby becomes injured through use of forceps, the results could range from minor bruising to skull fracture and even facial paralysis. Determining overall negligence is the task of your birth injury lawyer. If the baby sustains a brain injury, often that can be caused by a lack of oxygen over a prolonged timeframe. The most common cause is the umbilical cord wrapping undetected around the baby's neck, cutting off the air supply. Whether or not your doctor could have detected this is also up for argument, so having an attorney who is trained in these cases assisting you is a must.

Medical Malpractice
There are a variety of instances which are much more clearly negligent. If a medical professional does any of the following, or you suspect they have, call a birth injury attorney quickly.

- Failing to anticipate possible complications involving the health and size of the baby before delivery
- Failing to spot umbilical cord issues
- Failing to respond to or recognize fetal distress (especially irregular heartbeat)
- Failing to appropriately respond to an excess of bleeding
- Failing to make timely decisions for emergency treatments such as cesarean section
- Misuse of forceps, suction extractors and other medical equipment
- Irresponsible use of Pitocin

The baby might also suffer illness or injury as the result of inadequate care immediately following birth. These include circumcision errors or improper treatment of various infections.

Don't Delay, Call Now!
A trusted personal injury lawyer is waiting to review all relevant details related to your case of birth injury. If you believe that you have a case, call and speak with a Corpus Christi birth injury attorney today.