Crews Spend Four Hours Cleaning Up Site of Multi-Vehicle Crash

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In Elm Mott, Texas, a multi-car accident took place on Interstate 35 during Tuesday morning hours. As a result of the three-vehicle crash, the Interstate was blocked for four hours, only to be reopened at 6:00 a.m. News sources say that approximately 1:40 a.m., two vehicles crashed into one another while traveling across the Elm Mott bridge. As workers were on the scene clearing up the wreckage, a semi jack-knifed at the same location as the rig’s driver tried to avoid the site of the first accident.

As a result of the collisions, a Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer told reported that traffic at mile marker 343 had to be detoured onto a service road so crews could clean up the scene. The officer also said that one of the drivers was taken to a hospital in Waco for medical treatment even though his injuries did not appear to be serious. Firefighters and DPS troopers were able to reopen the road after four hours of intense cleanup work. Were you involved in a major auto accident? Did you sustain injuries and/or property damage? Contact Zinda Law Group now to learn what legal options you have after your case is evaluated by a Dallas personal injury attorney from our firm.