Dallas Child Saved from Death after Dangerous Head Injury

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Some quick thinking saved an elementary school boy in Dallas when he collided with another child during recess. According to the child’s fourth grade teacher, some of the boys were playing touch football in the playground area. During this time, two of the children slammed into each other. One of the students stood up after the impact, suffering only a scraped knee. The other child, a 10-year-old named Ethan Fox, remained on the asphalt unconscious. A teacher who watched the accident says she ran to Ethan immediately, and held his little hand. She received no response from the boy, and called 9-1-1. Another teacher located a cell phone and contacted Ethan’s dad. The paramedics dispatched an ambulance, and Ethan was rushed to the Children’s Medical Center.

Once he arrived at the medical facility, doctors determined that Ethan suffered a skull fracture from his fall. The splintered bone sliced an artery. When his head slammed into the other child’s knee, the break had been enough to crack the skull and cause his brain to fill up with blood. Ethan’s family and friends were relieved when he awoke after surgery, and he is now recovering at the hospital. The doctor said that if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of the staff, the child may have died right there in the school yard. According to a local CBS station, 564,000 children cope with traumatic brain injuries like this one every year. These surprisingly common injuries can be deadly if they are not tended to right away. In Ethan’s case, 15 minutes may have made a fatal difference.

In this situation, the school did everything right, working fast to protect Ethan from death. Yet in some cases, school personnel do not respond with urgency, and this can cause death. A Personal Injury Lawyer can help if your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury that could have been prevented, or passed away because of that injury due to the fact that the witnesses were not prompt in contacting medical assistance. You may have a legitimate personal injury case and need the help of a child injuries lawyer in Dallas. Get started today by contacting a Dallas personal injury attorney today.