Dallas Highway Shut Down after Truck Knocks Down Sign

Several lanes of a westbound highway in Dallas, Texas were shut down for hours as police and road crews worked to clear the scene of a truck accident. An 18-wheeler reportedly ran into a metal sign support, leaving the scene too weak to leave unattended. According to the police report, the truck was carrying a load of gravel when it slammed into the sign support. When police arrived at the scene, it was determined that the sign posed a danger if left alone.

Emergency road crews were called in to remove the damaged sign so that it could not fall on any other oncoming vehicles. Traffic was diverted to a service road for nearly five hours while the crews worked on the overpass sign. Have you recently been hurt in a truck accident? If so, take the time to contact Zinda Law Group so you can gave your case reviewed by an experienced personal injury lawyer who has handled several other truck accident cases in the state of Texas. Our Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers will get involved in your case immediately and help you seek maximum damages for the injuries, pain and suffering you have had to endure.