Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers in Dallas

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Every contract that is signed in the state of Texas has an implied covenant of good faith. This means that people signing contracts agree implicitly that they will not actively try to circumvent the deal. Unfortunately for insurance policy holders in Dallas, insurance companies do not always live up to their end of the deal. While many insurance providers are good and honorable, there are a few bad apples that can create a rotten experience for homeowners, vehicle owners, and other insurance holders. What can you do when bad faith insurance practices threaten your livelihood? The attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help.

What constitutes bad faith?
You can get very creative in figuring out just what a bad faith action looks like. Imagine that you sign a home insurance policy with a reputable company. When your home burns down, you try to file a first-party claim on your policy. You go through all of the proper steps, and you submit the paperwork in the proper time frame. Unfortunately for you, the insurance company claims that you burned your own house down, they refuse to pay your claim even when you have acted perfectly normally through the entire process. This might be bad faith, and there are countless other examples.

Bad faith is simply the insurance company’s desire to deal on the outer edges of what is good and proper in the business world. Consumers can feel especially vulnerable when this happens. Insurance companies are big, and when they say no, it can feel like the end of the world. For the little guy, it is important to have an attorney by your side. Good lawyers can fight for you when bad faith insurance practices threaten to rock your financial well-being. A good lawyer can help to even the playing field between big insurance companies and the average consumer.

Filing a claim and then a lawsuit
A good attorney can make sure that you follow the right process when bad faith insurance practices bring your life to halt. You might first file the right kind of claim with your insurance company. If they refuse to honor the claim, you can then turn to the courts. State law requires insurance companies to pay their bills within one month, and when this does not happen, you have rights that can be protected in the legal system. A good lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to put pressure on the insurance provider. In many cases, they will present a settlement offer upon hearing of your lawsuit.

The Dallas personal injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group help people who are up against big insurance providers. When you find yourself with this kind of problem in Dallas or other parts of Texas, then you would be wise to contact a good lawyer. A good attorney can help put the right amount of pressure on the insurance company, and a good attorney can work hard to win an acceptable resolution for you and your family when that insurance provider fails in its duty.