Beauty Salon Injury Lawyers in Dallas

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There are a variety of serious injuries that occur with too much frequency in beauty salons around the Dallas area. Infections, burned scalp, cuts and even facial paralysis or disfigurement and others occur when the required health standards are violated, or employees are poorly trained, or do not have valid licenses for the activity they are doing. The types of injuries possible have been on the increase in recent years due to the advent of Botox and other medical treatments that are now administered in “spa” or salon style treatment facilities. This can be dangerous for the client and serious damages have occurred in many cases. In any such personal injury case, it is critical that you contact a personal injury lawyer in Dallas.

There have been multiple cases in which individuals got hair extension and later got bald patches from the treatment. This is a disfiguring situation and no one who suffers this result should have to deal with the embarrassment that you suffer when your hair has become patchy. At Zinda Law Group PLLC, we take on the client’s case with a dedication to assist them in getting fair compensation for these embarrassing damages. In more serious cases, such as when a facial treatment has resulted in any degree of disfigurement, the case will likely be high value, as disfiguring injuries are generally considered to be catastrophic. You can be assured that every possible form of possible compensation for damages will be sought aggressively in your case.

When an individual is exposed to chemical treatments, there is always a risk of a reaction. In most cases of a serious reaction to hair dye or other chemical, it may be possible to make a personal injury claim against the salon involved, as your health should have been carefully monitored while the treatment was taking place. If no patch test was ever done, this could be grounds to file a claim. This is especially true for those who told their salon that they had allergies to certain chemical treatments prior to the chemicals being applied to their bodies. This can include facial peels, hair dye, cosmetic treatments, nail work and any of the other numerous varieties of chemicals and treatments in a beauty salon today.