Amputation and Dismemberment Lawyers in Dallas

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Amputation is one of the most serious injuries that a person may sustain due to its permanency. Except for in limited circumstances, a limb or appendage that has been traumatically removed from the body cannot be reattached. The injured party will be left facing an entirely changed life. As Dallas amputation injury lawyers with extensive experience in the field of personal injury law, we can provide the knowledgeable counsel you need to face an insurance claim or lawsuit related to amputation, dismemberment or loss of limb.

Overview of Your Injuries

We can handle cases of this kind that relate to on the job injuries, motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, manufacturing injuries and much more. Conducting an extensive investigation into the specific cause of or circumstances surrounding an injury of this kind is an important first step to take in determining what party should be held accountable and from what source or sources a victim can recover financial compensation. Along with our legal experience, we have the resources to conduct these investigations in order to build a compelling amputation injury claim on a client’s behalf.

An amputee will face challenging adjustments to his or her new life. In addition to physical obstacles that will need to be overcome, an amputee may face dealing with psychological side effects. Our goal as your attorney is to not only prove that the fault lies with the responsible party but that your case is presented properly with all physical, psychological and financial losses or injuries compensated for. Your initial consultation is free and confidential; we help clients in Dallas and throughout the surrounding areas, so contact a Dallas personal injury attorney from our firm today.