18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers in Dallas


Accidents involving 18-wheelers are among some of the most complicated cases that personal injury lawyers process. That is because the accident does not just involve the driver of the 18-wheeler and the other vehicle. There are often multiple insurance companies involved as well as the company that manufactured the big rig. These types of accidents often result in more fatalities and more serious injuries than other types of motor vehicle crashes. Compared to the average car, 18-wheelers are bigger and more difficult to safely maneuver, leading to a disproportionate number of crashes.

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Most trucking companies are primarily interested in making a profit. That explains why the truck driver’s employer or its insurance company may try to blame the accident on you. Trucking company representatives may be the first people on the scene, but unfortunately this is not for altruistic reasons. The real reason is often to remove evidence and prevents photos from being taken that may be incriminating. Most people who have just been in an accident with an 18-wheeler are intimidated by this type of behavior. When you work with the personal injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group, you don’t have to feel threatened. It is our job to make sure that your version of events gets just as much recognition as the trucking company’s does.

Get the Legal Representation You Need to Win

As an individual, you probably don’t have the resources to fight for your right to fair compensation as a result of your accident. Fortunately, the personal injury attorneys as our law office are committed to using every tool available to prove your version of events. We start by analyzing the police report from your accident. If necessary, we work with accident reconstruction specialists to gain a better understanding of what really happened when you were struck by the 18-wheeler. After we have gathered enough proof to support your claim, we prepare your lawsuit and serve it on the other party.

Why You Need Financial Compensation

It isn’t uncommon for accident victims to want to forget about what happened and just get on with their lives. They are not interested in going through a lawsuit or negotiating a settlement with the driver of the 18-wheeler, the employer or the insurance company. What many people fail to understand is that injuries from this type of accident often don’t show up right away. Your pain may worsen instead of improve as time goes by. Another thing people don’t count on is the emotional toll involved in being in an accident with an 18-wheeler. You may become depressed, anxious and replay the accident over and over again in your mind.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be unable to work and have astronomical medical expenses. At Zinda Law Group, we don’t feel that it is just for all of these costs to fall on you. Our Personal Injury lawyers strive for accountability and see to it that the other party understands the consequences of the irresponsible operation of an 18-wheeler.