What Should I Do About Back Pain After a Car Accident?

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Did your back start hurting sometime after a car accident? Don’t worry: if you haven’t signed a release of liability with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, there’s a good chance you can still get compensation for pain you start having even months after the accident.

If you start feeling back pain, do not ignore it. Many back injuries can take weeks or even months before they begin manifesting symptoms. Don’t ignore your pain, or else your injury may get worse as time passes.

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What Should I Do About Back Pain After a Car Accident?

What to Do When You Start Feeling Back Pain

1. Go to a doctor immediately. Even if your pain is only mild, you probably need to get checked out. Back pain is difficult to diagnose and can be even more difficult to treat. Don’t waste time hoping it will get better; go to a medical professional and get your pain properly diagnosed.

2. Speak to a qualified car accident attorney. Speaking to a doctor first is important because the injury attorney may need that information to assess your case. Adequately treating your back pain with medication or chiropractic care may be expensive. An auto accident lawyer can evaluate your situation and help you seek the proper compensation so that you are adequately taken care of.

3. Consider being treated by a chiropractor. A competent chiropractor can help you alleviate your pain without needing painful surgery or spending hundreds of dollars on expensive medications.

4. Don’t sign or agree to anything with an insurance company before your injuries have been fully evaluated by a medical professional. Signing a release can prohibit you from receiving compensation for some of your injuries.

5. Keep records of the money you spend and the doctors you see related to your back pain. Receipts and other documentation will be key in receiving a fair settlement from the insurance company.

What to Expect from an Insurance Company

Being compensated for back pain related to a car accident can be a complicated endeavor. Even more so if the pain comes weeks or months after the accident.

Because insurance companies are for-profit businesses, they will work hard to pay you as little as they can. You will typically want to wait until you have reached the maximum level of improvement possible regarding your injuries before reaching a settlement with the insurance company.

This can be a long, arduous process, but don’t worry: our attorneys will help you through the process and help you pursue all the compensation you deserve under the law.

Our Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

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