Boat Accident Lawyers in Dallas

There are more than 600,000 registered boats in Texas, ranking it 6th state in the country for the most number of boats. Part of the reason for all of the boats is that Texas has more square miles of inland water than any other state and recreational boating is a major hobby for Texans. With all of the boats present in lakes and in the Gulf of Mexico, there is a higher chance for accidents and collisions to occur. Statistics show that alcohol plays a role in nearly 50% of boating accidents, and it is important for the victims of boat accidents to seek legal representation.

A skilled Dallas Boat Accident Lawyer at Zinda Law Group PLLC can help you investigate the nature of your boat accident to determine who is responsible for your injuries. This is a key part in filing a personal injury claim and recovering compensation, and you must be confident that you have a knowledgeable boat accidents lawyer in Dallas on your side.

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There are hundreds of miles of waterways in Texas, and the state requires individuals to get boater education certification to legally operate most vessels. Even with specialized training, boating accidents still occur on a frequent basis. Some of the most common accidents involve an open motorboat and occur on the weekend between the hours of noon and 7 p.m. The majority of boat accidents involve a victim falling overboard and other accidents result in drowning fatalities.

Regardless of the type of boat accident you have been in, you can find the caring Dallas boat accident lawyer you need when you work with our distinguished law firm. Our boat accidents and personal injury lawyers in Dallas are aggressive in pursuing the maximum amount of compensation available for all types of personal injury accidents, and our boat accident lawyers in Dallas never give up on a case!